Notebook, 1993-

MATERIALS & METHODS - A Perspective on Art Education - Activities for Children - Themes & Topics

Paper Activities - Many Kinds of Activities - How Long does it Take? - Odds & Ends -- The Dialogue

Themes and Topics, Sounds

& Shapes


Ah-ah-Choo! - sneeze

Baa Baa - sheep

bam Bang! - hammer

bing bing bing - bike bell


bub bub bub - brook

Bvvvvvvvvt - mower

Clang clang clang - bell

Crunch - carrot

Drinnng - phone

glug glug glug - drain

ka-Jug - bullfrog

luff luff luff - sails

What is Music?

What is Noise?

What time of year is it? - Seasonal Sounds

The Sounds of Activities:
The Hammer or Drill, A Drum, Whistles, Cars Passing, Birds Singing

Patterns & Rythmn

Pawk - parrot

ruff ruff - dog

skish skish skish - wet sneakers

swish swish swish - window wipers

Waaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaah - baby

wub wub wub - helicopter


Circle - Bubble, bouncy round ball, wheel shape, sun shape, bang-the-drum shape

Crescent - Hammock, slice of melen rind, smile shape, skipping rope shape, fingernail-clipping shape

Diamond - Bright kite dancing on the breeze, bird's-open-beak shape, not-allowed-to-peak shape

Oval - A bird's egg, leaves on the trees, prune shape, balloon shape, face-seen-in-a-spoon shape

Rectangle - Doorway, picture on the wall, window shape, a cage shape, page shape

Sprial - Snail shell, curly hair, drill shape, screw twirl shape, twirling-the-lasso shape

Square - Handkerchief, Patch on the knee, tile shape, a dice shape, clinking-chunk-of-ice shape

Star - Snowflake, Flashing of a gem, flower shape, a spark shape, twinkle-in-the-dark shape

Triangle - A steeple, Christmas tree, sail shape, a cone shape, little-pile of stones shape

Themes & Topics:
NOTE: What is the Age Level of the Children in your Class?
Who are these kids? What sort of things are they interestsed in? What kinds of things do they do?

Consider Interests and Events and Places and Times

Above, Within, Beyond, Inside, Behind, Over
At Once!
Adventure Into The Unknown
Affirmative Action
What's the Alternative!?
The Path
Architectural Designing - A Home in the City, a Place by the Sea, a Space station, etc.
Art Lotto Game [Bingo with master works of art]
Something to Assemble or to Install
The Abyss!
Paying Attention
It is Authentic!
Beachball [escapade with people and places on the beach in search of the ball]
The Booby Prize. And the Winner of the Booby Prize is _________
A Book
Box of Treasures
The Broom Closet
The Campfire
Capturing an Image
Caribbean Canvas
Cause & Effect
Celebrations [Traditions & Cultures]
Chairs. Designing a chair.
City Slice [How are things made]
City Slice [What's inside a neighborhood?]
Climb - Wild Country USA [What makes it safe? Places to hold on. 9 yrs.]
Closer Look
The Clubhouse
Collected Visions
Common Ground
Context. Creating the Context of something
Kinds of Construction and kinds of Making. Building a house, Arranging a bouquet, Modelling a Sculpture.
Current - What's New?
Daily rhythms
The Dairy farm
Danger, Deliverance & Art
Deconstruction - Taking something apart piece by piece to know how it was put together
Decorating a house
Decoration. What is decoration, pattern our culture? In the culture studied?
Delicate Yet Inflexible
Design - Product or a Wrapper or Packaging --and make up the name for a delicious new candy bar.
Design is: Maps, books, newspapers, advertising, machines, appliances, fabrics, cars, painting, packages, t-shirts, sculpture, cars, sports equipment, devices, cities, exhibits, type, cartoons, lighting, window displays

Design is: drawing, stage sets, musical instruments, graffiti,
Design Studio - Building graphic resources.
What causes destruction
Digging to China
Directions. New Directions

My Dear Dog [pet stories]
Drawing with a 3-D line: string and beaded chains are an ideal material for this work. Playing with proportions.
The Dream.
The Nightmare
Earth, Water, Fire & Air
Easy Access
Egyptian - How can we make Ancient Egyptian pictographs from contemporary public signs and symbols [Traffic lights, wheelchair access, etc]. How would some of these things be applicable in that ancient time.... Possibility of making a map.

The El Mercado del Barrio Neighborhood Market
Everyday things that happen to people
Explorers have found a rare bird in the jungle.
Exploring the surface of Venus
Picture the Expressions: "What's going on?" - 'Wiseguy" - "Suspicious" "Out of it",
Expressive Systems - Eloquent Voices
Extensions [Desk lamp, Steam Shovel, Jointed things]
Faces - What do people do with their faces to show how they feel?
Factory. Construct the factory for the kind of business you would like to own.
Facts & Formulas
Family Picture
Festival. Making ice cream for the festival
Field Guide to: [Wildflowers, fossils, animals, shells, trees, birds, etc.]
Flea Market
Form - Illusion - Myth

A Dear Friend
Funny Pages
Get It Straight
Get This!
Helping out after The Storm
Hidden Pictures
Historic Sailing Ships
Hobo Icons
Home Land

Home at Last
How can you tell?
How did this man end up in jail?
How it would feel to be a telephone repairman, a policeman in the 5 o'clock traffic, a nurse on the night shift in the hospital, a member of a crew repairing a bridge, etc.
How tall can you make it--without it falling over...
Ideal total environment for _________.
Ideas from different cultures or different times.
Image Journalism
Imagination. Do you ever imagine what you can see in the clouds?
Imagination. Do you see your future in the crystal ball?
In Arcadia
The Inlet
Installing to Assemble / Assembling to Install
Interior Design [Where would you put wallpaper--what kind.
Interior of your own private airplane.
Interpretation. 5th-grade Students introduced to gradations of value--pencil and / or charcoal sticks --before drawing interpretations of a Picasso.
It's Intuition!
It Looks Good Enough To Eat
Kinds of Work in the world
Kinds of Work inside the house
Kinds of Work outside the house
Large Format
The Legacy
Let There Be Light
Life in a Medieval Castle - Episodes in a Story
Life in Ancient Egypt - Short Paragraph / story
Light - Available Light
Light in The Attic
Little Orchestra
Live Time
Local Color
Long Ago and Today
Long-Term Essay
Look - A Second Look
Looking out the window of: [the crowded school bus]
Love & affection between individuals, animals, plants, even shoes
Low Tide
Magic Kit
Man in the moon--what does he look like?
Map of an island you would love to be shipwrecked on.
Mapping one's way through obstacles - [influence of video games]. Where do people find their sense of the world and of themselves in the world? Where is a person's attention? Survival? Routine? Escape? Rejuvenation? Keen Questions?

Marking Time
Martians have landed!
The Master of Ceremony
Me at The Dentist
The Medical Check-up
Medium = Message
Mind Boggling Mazes [optical]
Mind Your Own Business [Market, Lawyer, Teacher, Doctor, Astronaut, etc.]
Model Community or station for life under the sea
Molded Papers
Monopoly, Careers, Scrabble, Parchesi, Clue!
Moon Shuttle
Mysterious Aqua Echo
Of Virtue & Vice
On Location
On the Line
One Foot In, One Foot Out
Opposites - Fun with Opposites
Ornamentation - Beyond Ornamentation
Overcoming Obstacles
Pages in a book
Painting about itself
The Paper Route
Paper Spirits
Passion for Life
Performing [in the school assembly]
Pet Stories
Picking berries
The Picnic
Pictographs - How can we make Ancient Egyptian pictographs from contemporary public signs and symbols [Traffic lights, wheelchair access, etc]. How would some of these things be applicable in that ancient time.... Possibility of making a map.

Pieces of the Puzzle - More Pieces of the Puzzle
Place to be alone
Plates. Design your own Dinner Plate.
Playground - Going to the playground.
Portrait. Collective Portrait: _________
Did you look in the mirror when you first got up this morning--what did you look like?
Portrayels of famous people
Postage stamp - Occasion.
Prehistoric People
A Present. Inside is _______?.
Process & Precedents
Quests - space odysseys or mountian climbing
Raceways [Roller Coaster, Ski jump]
The Dance

At the Racetrack
Remnants of Authenticity
Resources: Exploring an expressive art media --the whole class workd towards a "Resource Mural / Board" of in which the exploration is done within a particular format so that the works fit together as one piece, which is mounted as a reference . . . .

Roads, etc.
Sacred Spaces
Sale days at the shopping plaza
Satellite Intelligence
Scenery and costumes for a play
Scientists have discovered flowers on the moons of Jupitor.
"Screwy"," Goofy", "Cute", "Nasty", etc.
Seaport - Early American Seaport
Secret Visions
Sequences. Ordinary activity - Sequence of activity getting up in the morning. Choose simplest shapes. Select the representative beginning, middle and end of the sequence of action ....

Service Center - "Fort Point Garage"
Signs - How can we make Ancient Egyptian pictographs from contemporary public signs and symbols [Traffic lights, wheelchair access, etc]. How would some of these things be applicable in that ancient time.... Possibility of making a map.

Silent Gardens
Slice of Life - 'Going to school', 'Doing the Shopping', 'Company for Dinner', etc.
Snow Fort
So You Want to _______?
Something as simple as a piece of paper that is crumpled becomes transformed into something very complicated
Sound Pictures Set To Rythm
Spatula, fin, dustpan, shoe horn, wisk broom
Sports. Sitting in the sports stadium
Stamp Album
The Standard
Statements [date]
Street Vision
Summer Solstice
Summer Vacation
Sun Pictures
Super Sleuth
Surprise Party

Swimming [Skating, Running, Basketball, etc.]
Tangible Choices
Temporary - Contemporary
The Fantasy / Fallacy / Facts of ________
The Found Object
The Gods Delight
The Long Way Home
The missing Marionette at the puppet show.
The Neighborhood bully
The Next Step
The old train station...
The Rites of Man
The Turtle and The Island
The Unforseen Image
The Universe of ______
The vocabulary of marks in topographic project--the texture evolved from the quality of streams,
The Way Things Work
Theatre of the Street
This bridge leads to a city of the future.
This pet needs a home
Three in One
Time as layers - various contexts, activities, such as kinds of organization in relationship to kinds of acumulation.
To Touch - To See [Louis Braille]
Trace & Erase
Tradition: It is traditional in Japan to display a single beautiful object.
Transformation of a 3-D object into a flat assembly kit [car, furniture, clothes].
Transformation. Can you change this object [scissors for example] into something entirely different?
Transformation. Changes in structure--Steps from one simple object transformed into another simple object...
Transformation. Four versions of one thing--changes in appearance due to pattern, texture, color or tone.
Treasures Within Your Reach
The Tree house
Trials - Tests of strength, courage, perseverance
Turn this [balcony] into a lush Garden of Eden.
Ukranian Eggs
Views. Personal Views. Scientific Views. Panoramic Views. etc.
Vision, Courage & Artistry
Vision. Restive Vision

A Special Visit
Walking, Talking & Looking
Wanted: ____________
Water Views
Waves & Vibrations [Rope, slinkies, soap films - patterns]
What are the people looking at?
What do People do at the Beach?
What does the inside of your spaceship look like--space station?
What if You Couldn't" [See, Hear, Walk, Learn, Feel, Speak]
What It Takes
What kind of a hat?
What to do, What to notice
What would you add to each part to show the four seasons?
What would you imagine a house in heavon would look like?
What do you do [Ages 0-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-13, 14-17]
What's Cookin?"
What's Going On? In some young lives -- paper routes through which kids learn a range of sensibilities such as people and their moods -- collecting the money, etc. Scraps. Pet stories.

What's in a cellar [Work table, Fuses, Storage, Laundry sink, Boiler, tools, etc.]
What's in an attic?
What's in the Kitchen?
What's in the Prehistoric forest
What, Where, Why, When, Who, How
When Sheep Cannot Sleep
Where the Sidewalk Ends
Where would you like to see a rainbow?
Who would you call if you could call anyone?
Who would you give a trophy to and what would it look like?
Whose is it?"
Why is everyone so afraid of passing this house at night?
Why the Sun and the Moon live in the Sky
Wild, Wild Wit
Will The Real ________ Please Stand Up
Wings to Fly With

Winter Time [Summer Time, In the Auctumn]
"Wiseguy", "Suspicious", "Out of it",
Wood N' Steel
Working Woman
World of Mystery
Would you like to live on a Houseboat?
You are high up overlooking the most beautiful view in the world.
You are the first to see Main Street on the planet Nasus.
You are very rich--erect a luxury tent
You have been commissioned to paint a masterpiece for ____ [place].
You have just invented a machine that will change the lives of everyone on earth.

Game Themes & Sounds
Blaze Ball
Combination Lock
Crammed Into A Camel
Crazy Crawl
Design Projects
Fish Whistle
Flippy Flyer
Hand Labrynth
Hook & Loom
Hot Loops
Jumbos [pipe cleaners]
Key Rings
Koosh Balls
Mix & Match
Mysterious Flip-Over Top
Paddle Ball
Pick-up Sticks
Press & Go
Shooting Stars
Sput Ball
Tip & Flip
Travel Brochures
Turbo Saucer



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