Notebook, 1993-

Oriental Antiquities

Babelon, Ernest. Librarian of the Department of Medals and Antiques in the Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris. Manual of Oriental Antiquities, including the Architecture, Sculpture, and Industrial Arts of Chaldæ, Assyria, Persia, Syria, Judæ, Phœnicia, and Carthage. London: H. Grevel and Co. 1906.

Pictured here is: "Lion - Iraq (Babylon), Neo-Babylonian period, reign of Nebuchadnezzar II, 604-561 B.C. Glazed bricks 41 3/4 x 91 in. (106 x 232 cm) Maria Antoinette Evans Fund , 1931 31.898" - Museum of Fine Arts [Boston]

EXHIBITION --- 'Art of the First Cities': The Third Millenium BC from the Mediterranean to the Indus - (Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC)

The Chaldæn - - "The extensive region of Western Asia to which the Greeks gave the name of Mesopotamia was already, at the period which lies farthest back among the memories of mankind, the centre of a mighty civilization . . . . "

Assyria- "Besides these sanctuaries erected on the top of staged towers, in which the priests passed the night in watching the courses of the stars, there were other temples . . . . "

The Elamites [Discoveries at Suza] - "The ruins of Susa, situated at the north of Ahwaz, form a number of immense tells which cover an extent of four and a half to six square miles on both banks of the river Kerkha . . . "

The Phœnicians & The Cypriots - "The Phœnicians, established on the coast of northern Syria, were not simply the agents of commerce; they also carried the art of the great Asiatic civilizations to all the coasts upon which they set up their factories, and among all the races with whom they formed relations of business . . . . "

The Hittites - "The name of Hittites [Khatti, Kheta] appears simultaneously in the Bible, the hieroglyphic documents, and the cuneiform texts. It is given to populations of different origin who inhabited Syria from the Euphrates to the borders of Egypt, and also Cappadocia and the greater part of Asia Minor from the mountains of Armenia to the banks of the Halys and the Hermus . . . . "



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