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MATERIALS & METHODS - Encaustic Wax Painting

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Encaustic Wax Painting
Equipment & Materials

E Q U I P M E N T:

Bristle Brushes

Spatulas or Palette Knives

Burning-In Tool - A heat lamp mounted in a bowl reflector

Encaustic Palette - In order to keep the wax colors fluid, the encaustic painter uses a metal palette somewhat like a griddle, which is kept evenly warm (at about 225 F.). In the past charcoal stoves were used to heat the palette, making the apparatus bulky and inconvenient. Today [p. 159] electric-heating elements are used to construct a convenient and easily controlled palette of the following description. A hollow steel box, about 18 X 24 X 2 inches, is fastened to the top of a two burner electric hot plate, which should have switched controlling high, medium, and low heat. The top surface of the steel box, which can easily be constructed by a sheet metal worker, should be of 1/4-inch stock, while the remaining sides may be a lighter gauge steel or iron. The hollow box provides a 2-inch air space between the hot plate and the top of the box so that the heavy metal can be heated evenly without hot spots. The switch is usually set at "High" for about 15 minutes of preliminary heating and then kept at "low" to maintain an even working temperature of around 200"F. Smaller electric palettes can be bought ready to use. [pp. 159-160]

M A T E R I A L S:

Pigments: All pigments in oil or water techniques may be safely used in encaustic, except those that are toxic.


Thinner: Pure gum spirits of turpentine or mineral spirits.

[ pp. 160-161]

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