Notebook, 1993-

MATERIALS & METHODS - Painting - Fresco

Limitations & Advantages - Painting Procedure - The Wall - Sketches, Cartoons, Transfer - Secco Painting - Brick Walls - New Walls - The Aggregates - The Lime - The Mortar - Making the Lime Putty - Mixing the Mortar - Intonaco - Brown Coat - Plastering the Wall - Rough Cast / Trullisatio - Sand Finish

Pigments - Brushes & Tools - Bianco Sangiovanni

Fresco - New Walls

When a new wall can be constructed for a fresco inside an old building wall, the danger from seepage and efflorescence is greatly reduced. The old building wall is cleaned and waterproofed by giving it two coats of asphalt waterproofing compound, and wooden 2" x 4" framing, called furring strips, are nailed to it. To the furring strips are nailed screens of galvanized heavy metal lath on which the mortar will be applied.

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