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MATERIALS & METHODS - Painting - Fresco

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Pigments - Brushes & Tools - Bianco Sangiovanni

Fresco - Bianco Sangiovanni

A note on the making of bianco sangiovanni:

1. Little cakes of well-aged lime putty are put out in the air to dry solid.

2. When thoroughly hardened, they are crushed, ground to a smooth paste with a little water, and made again into cakes which are set out to dry again. The whole process is repeated two or three times. At this point the lime should have thoroughly combined with carbon dioxide, like a dry mortar wall, and should have no more binding power.

3. The cakes should be ground with water to a creamy consistency by means of a muller and grinding slab. The mixture should be strained several times through a brass screen and will then be ready to use.

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