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Oil Painting - Palette Knives

Spatula-like palette knives are used for clearing the palette, mixing colors, and other studio chores. They come in many sizes and shapes. A knife with a tapered blade, five or six inches in length, is a useful all-around tool. It should be equally limber all the way to the end--not weak in the middle of the blade.

Painters who use knives as well as brushes to apply paint to the picture generally have a number of painting knives. These are made in various shapes and sizes of trowel-like forms with bent shanks and triangular blades and are selected according to individual taste. Such painting knives are usually very flexible and should be carefully made of good stock. Among the artists who have employed them in the past are Rembrandt, Courbet, Pissarro, and Cé zanne. [p. 74]

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