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In the present context one must limit 'antiquities' to objects of greater age than those generally described as antiques. It would be reasonable to say that they are human works made before about 1500 A.D. The many cultures, the varied materials and their different uses make the study of antiquities fascinating, but also require that most collections should be selective, based either on the materials used or the civilization illustrated.

The following chapter [regarding Classical, Egyptian and North African, Middle Eastern, North, Central & South American, South East Asian, West and North European antiquities - see the links provided above] has been divided geographically, each area having its own time sequence. We have confined ourselves to works of the higher civilizations, omitting the strange beauties of stone implements made by the prehistoric hunters, and beginning with the first farmers who were able to live a settled life some seven thousand years ago. The earliest of these people lived in what is now called the Middle East.

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