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To See, Behold, Survey, Inspect, Contemplate Mentally, Consider, Regard in a Particular Light . . . . Prospect, Scene, Vista . . . . A place affording a view of something . . . . An attitude of mind, or the circumstances of an indvidual that conduce to such an attitude . . . . Range of Sight . . . . Look at . . . . Picture . . . . Contemplation . . . . Under Consideration . . . . On Account . . . . On Exhibition . . . . General Survey or Summary . . . . Personal Attitude or Opinion . . . . Intention . . . . An Aim or Purpose, Expectation, Hope . . . .

A general word, referring to whatever lies open to sight

R  E  F  E  R  E  N  C  E  S 
View n. 1. the act or an instance of looking at or making a visual inspection of something. 2. the range of one's sight: into view. 3. an unobstructued sight of a specified object or in a specified direction. 4. a picture or photoraph of somthing. 5. the act of contemplating a subject of thought. 6. a personal attitude or opinion. 7. an aim or purpose. 8. a general survey or summary. 9. in view, a. within range of vision. b. under consideration. 10. in view of, in consideration of; on account of. 11. on view, in a place for public inspection; on exhibition. 12. with a view to, a. with the aim or intention of. b. with the expectation or hope of. -v.t. 13. to see; behold. 14. to look at; survey; inspect. 15. to contemplate mentally; consider. 16. to regard in a particular light or as specified. [late ME v(i)ewe < AF < MF veue sight < VL *vidúta, n. use of fem. of *vidútus, r. L. vísus, ptp. of vidére to see] -Syn. 3. VIEW, PROSPECT, SCENE, VISTA refer to a landscape or perspective. View is a general word, referring to whatever lies open to sight: a fine view of the surrounding country. Prospect suggests a sweeping and often distant view, as from a place of vantage: a beautiful prospect to the south. Scene sugggests an organic unity in the details such as is to be found in a picture: a woodland scene. Vista suggests a long, narrow view, as along an avenue between rows of trees: a pleasant vista. 6. belief, judgment. See opinion. 7. object, intent. 13. contemplate, regard. 14. examine.

View point. n. 1. a place affording a view of something. 2. an attitude of mind, or the circumstances of an indvidual that conduce to such an attitude. [alter. of point of view, modeled on standpoint]

Vista n. 1. a view or prospect, esp. one seen through a long, narrow avenue or passage. 2. a mental view extending over a long period of time. [< It: a vew, n. use of fem. of visto [ptp. of vedere < L vidére to see] < L vís(us) [ptp. of vidére] + IT -to < L -tus ptp. suffix] -Syn. 1. See view.

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