Notebook, 1993-



Acknowledgment, Recognition, Reference, Perception . . . . Opinion, Thought, Speculation, Judgment . . . . . Synthesis, Consolidation, Formulation, Conclusion . . . . Criticism, Imagination, Speculation, Objective, Re-motivation, . . . . Responsiveness, Regard, Association, Attribution . . . . Thought . . .

In regard to tone, measure, emphasis, comprehension, breadth, space, precision, color, range, focus, clarity, depth, flexibility, conviction, strength-- etc.

Related to Qualities, shapes, forms, units--contours, structures--hue, brightness ratio--line, contrast, tone, density, etc.

Personal, Cultural, Historic orientations--topical or thematic, philosophic, functional, disciplinary, stylistic considerations, etc.

Developments may proceed specific to materials and interest, a discipline, disciplines, categories of visual arts experience - may be related to Historic, Cultural, Practical, Conceptual, Theoretical, Social or Topical orientations in personal or professional experience, and may be discerned generally or specific to a determined focus.



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