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Many opportunities are supported at local, regional, national, and some international levels --opportunities which are especially encouraging to new artists and innovative work.

The internet increases one's appreciation for the kinds of opportunities that do exist and it is a new means for participation by professionals at all levels of their potential for contribution, including works that are sometimes a long time in the process of development.

Refinement, expansion, or a shift to the quality of innovative ideas may not necessitate a new definition of experience but may influence people's lives.

- - - -
It is probable that increases in forms of recognition and support through awards and funding could more broadly impact upon the quality of exhibitions.

Change in focus, objective, time period, anticipation, commitment and development --could inspire the expertise of artists at various levels of professional engagement who may have specific objectives as well as individual commitment over the long term to broader humanitarian interests and areas of development.

- - - -
It would be well to interest the expertise and support of cultural institutions and the commercial sector through which to increase the existing award system for artists and expand opportunities for vision, innovation and development.

Long-term processes and a range of awards representing levels of recognition would be beneficial to creative developments.

Systems of recognition and award should be in support of the work in local as well as in international, national, and regional communities.

Individual as well as collaborative works should be awarded by more than token forms of recognition to encourage and support excellence.

- - - -
This area is speculative. Listings below suggest changes in the criteria of opportunity and may well require variation in the parameters of opportunity for the exhibition and development of creative artwork--both juried competitions and projects. Engagement or contribution might suggest, focus upon, or be involved in any one of a number of Broad Considerations which are common to humanity:

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Themes, Topics, and Issues - The environmental factors and contemporary issues which impact upon our lives represent the norms within which we are interacting and developing.

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Parameters - Communication should encourage artist engagement, contribution, and/or development, such as: Attention to the Audience, The Sponsors, The Curator, the Jurors, The Focus of Work, The Title or Theme for competitive opportunity. Forms of Recognition must build towards standards for development in our culture, and might increase in benefit to the artist through more than one form of financial benefit for future stability and development. There must be recognized forms of award that build towards achievement. Opportunity for participation in Collections or Archive could develop in addition to the offering of a Brochure. Participation might include additional opportunities for exchange through Events or a Tour of the exhibition, etc. Specific Calendar Deadlines and Time Periods related to collaborative and other projects and developments could be communicated to encourage participation at new levels of involvement in work.

(What's substantiated? How does this impact the quality of experience and one's vulnerability to responsibility? What maintenance is required?)



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