Notebook, 1993-


Exercise / Practice

For Tone, Clarity, Authority . . . . Sensitivity, Responsiveness, Freshness . . . . Flexibility, Range, Depth--for Deliberation, Finish, Polish, Direction, Methodology - In Concept, Approach, Interpretation, etc.

Specific to Characteristics of Materials/Processes and/or specific to Technical Skills, Perceptual Skills, Aesthetic Qualities, Interpretations, Approaches, Development, Resolve, Range in Expression, Communication, etc.

Emphasis may be focused upon a discipline--perhap, through construction or painting or drawing focused/developing expertise in characteristics of materials or in understanding the relationships and principles of elements in a compostion. Emphasis may be placed upon learning and maintaining skills related to Materials/Processes of a particular field of interest--perhaps qualities and characteristics of various paints, crayons, pencils -- perhaps more specifically concerned with the Structure, or Tone, Compositions, or Shape, Line, Kinds of Balance, or Pattern, Repetition, Proportion, Color, or Space . . . and/or emphas may be focused upon periods of history or cultural periods or emotional states, theories and philosophies, etc. Emphasis may be upon a general consideration for aesthetic pleasure and understanding as these may apply . . . .

Developments may proceed through personal appreciation of the arts and art works on a very general level . . . . or may proceed specific to a discipline [i.e., Oil Painting, Photography, Intaglio, etc.] or disciplines . . . . or may proceed with focus upon categories of visual arts experience [i.e., aims and objectives involved with visual elements and relationships] . . . . or may proceed specific to a Historic, Cultural, Practical, Theoretical, or Topical focus.



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