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Intended for fun, inspiration, and a perspective, 'In View' was active 2004-2006 and featured a historic or contemporary work of art along with music, notes, quotes, and a short list of resources weekly. - The Issues are currently in review for an update


In View


"Undaunted by the apparent impossibility of the task, he set out to unite the disparate technologies needed to create the object of his dreams . . . . "

In the Scheme of Things
". . . . different systems of science, different forms of art, religion, and social organization,
were the different forms taken by man's effort to live wisely and well, that is, in harmony with himself and his environment"

In Silence
"Words, after speech, reach into the silence. Only by the form, the pattern, can words or music reach
the stillness, as a Chinese jar still moves perpetually in its stillness."

Comprehensive, collaborative, ever-growing, and personalized

"A guideline is a protection against the arbitrary . . . . a spiritual appeasement that leads to a search
for ingenious and harmonious relations."

"Proportion depends less upon equality of parts than upon that agreement among them
that is determined by their relation to a whole"

Culture Journeys
Astonishing Sights / descriptions, biographies, maps and timelines

A Visionary, Poetic use of Imagery
"Et quid amabo nisi quod aenigma est? ("What shall I love if not the enigma?")

In Time
". . . . a flower, That the wind lifts, As it passes."

A Perspective
"And he is then supposed to transform the scene and add an
illusion of space to the picture . . . . . "

"All rivers, small or large, agree in one character. They like to lean a little on one side."

"Oh no!"
"The colourist of pale harmonies who fascinated Delacroix and C├ęzanne . . . "

Phoenix among Rocks and Flowers
A Nyamamusango Marimba Ensemble

"An Aesthetic Idea"

Campaign for Drawing
Flash drives, thumb drives or dongles

Acts of Appreciation
"A diagrammatic framework has been used in poetics . . . . "

For different Peoples and Cultures
"Every man has his personal beauty"

In Your Community
"Residents who never venture west of the mighty Mississippi River may be unfamiliar . . . . "

The sacred inheres in great art
"The surprised man of the world is forced to leave his city estimates . . . . "

Lonesome Traveler
"Home, travel, cartography, human relationships, human interaction with the organic world, the corporate entities that have influenced and shaped so much of our lives, language, the privatization of natural resources such as fresh water, the blurring of the boundaries between reality and virtual reality . . . " - 'Al Laito Mio (Tangos)'

A Capacity to Penetrate and Epitomize the Complexity
"There is some spirit hidden of which the painted forms and shapes are but modes of manifestation . . . "

World of Awe
"With grand, heroically scaled gestures, the action painter created an art of confrontation and catharsis . . . . "

Reflecting Culture and Identities
"From a golden step, --among silk cords . . . where on the Royal Way the Voices of Silence"

Collaborations / Commencer le jeu
Trading - Ottoman Treasures, Gifts from the Pueblos, Chinese glass making

To See and to Describe
Personal enrichment . . . Vision . . . . Inheritance . . . . Esteem

Where are the Children
"Yes, the main reason for me to paint is to show the world the things that my people and I love."

Day Dream
Diagonal passages - Light and Color and Rhythm

Look and See
"Outward representation of sound and imagery, which is drama . . . . "

Groundswell and Cosmology
" . . . the widest definition would be "a system of beliefs
leading to an explanation of the mystery of existence . . ."

Geo-graffiti / Open Studio / Radio Stream
"They thought of life and the world as a mystery that could be explored
to discover the reason for man's existence."

To create Frames of Reference suitable for Relating various observations to each Other

"Capturing the transient effects of light and atmosphere . . . "

Still Life
"Tell me about 'Bop' . . . "

Voices of Children on the Quiet Air
"Nothing genuine need fear the test of laughter . . . . It is possible that all things are beautiful . . . . "

'Canyon Breeze'
And "developing a powerful synthesis of technical expertise and innovation, artistic imagination and sensitivity to natural forms."

Stay Contemporary!
"Mensa challenge or LEGO construction?"

Now and Then
Interpretations and commentary

Portals to the World
" . . . . contributions to our total store of experience and self-knowledge, as a cultural species . . . . "

Innovation in Art
"I have seen some splendid red stretches of soil planted with vines, with a background of mountains of the most delicate lilac . . . "

And "who, without intention, by somethng said or done, or not done, suddenly manifests the
quality of his own particular being and thus implies the wonder of being in general."

Joyousness throughout
"So close, so foreign, so own, so distant"

Nature of the Real
The Architecture of crystals

Pop / 'Your Song' and the 'Adventure of Ideas'
"Our reasonings grasp at straws for premises and float on gossamers for deductions."

Tempus Fugit
and " . . . a representation of the imagination . . . . "

Spring Fashion - Spaceblooms - Arquitectos

Dans les Cloisons
The complexity of substance, light, atmosphere, and vantage point

Representations of the heavens and of the earth - "I know you'll never know. But today . . . I'm you. I'm of the world . . . "

Pedestrian of the High Road
"I love this view from my apartment window. Do you see the narrow brown buildings
across the park and the double-decker cart in the street below? Look, there is a boy checking his bicycle tire,
and nearby, a man sleeping against the fence . . . "

Foster the Light
The art of the book . . .

What is Art and Why does it Matter?
"In the beginning was the three-pointed star, One smile of light across the empty face . . . "

Selectivity, Innovation and Centrality
Many Cultures / different and essential standards and guidelines

What is Time
"We delighted to be with Pinto"

"Smart planes - intelligent houses - shape memory textiles - micromachines - self-assembling structures . . . "

And "difficult harmonies of line and color, on the music of relationships, and the mathematics of form . . ."

We yelled! We laughed! We argued!
"Hope and disappointment, camaraderie and rivalry, admiration and jealousy . . . "

Focus / Content


Colors . . . . The Substance of the paint, blending . . . . The illusion


"If the staged towers of Mugheir, Tello and Abu Shahrein, are too much destroyed for us to be able to restore their different steps except in thought . . . . "


The impression of an ancient leaf - of happenstance - sometimes cast in stone.


". . . . Thus both--the earth seen from above in an eternal now and the Earth that endures in a recovered time--may serve as material for poetry"


Objectives may be temporary steps or may develop over time. This is not without vigilance, resolution or justification. In time, there may be many outcomes.

Meaning / Understanding



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