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Seurat professed that "Art is harmony. Harmony is the analogy of contrasts, the analogy of similarities, in tone, hue, and line, considered through the dominant trait and under the influence of combinations of ebullient, calm or sad illumination." (1890) (Musée d'Orsay exhibition: Neo-Impressionism From Seurat to Paul Klee)

Edouard Vuillard, Place Vintimille - 1911 - "Voilà: Place Vintimille, so green with spring and full of life! I love this view from my apartment window. Do you see the narrow brown buildings across the park and the double-decker cart in the street below? Look, there is a boy checking his bicycle tire, and nearby, a man sleeping against the fence. Of course, you can always find all sorts of vendors and nannies walking with their little ones. For me, the sidewalk winds around the park like a creamy ribbon, wrapping everything in a package of sparkling color." . . . . "Edouard Vuillard loved his neighborhood and would likely have invited friends to see the view from his fifth-floor apartment on the rue de Calais, in Montmartre, Paris." - (A five-panel screen, distemper on paper laid down on canvas, a web feature at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC) (Be sure to click on the links at every page along the way)

assume vivid astro focus - (in collaboration with the Central Park Dance Skaters Association) - "The artist assume vivid astro focus --aka Eli Sudbrack --works in a wide variety of media, creating wallpaper designs, music videos, large-scale installations, t-shirt designs, and floor stickers. When he first arrived in New York from his native Brazil, assume vivid astro focus was struck by the vibrancy of the many activities that take place in Central Park, particularly at the Skate Circle, a stretch of pavement that is transformed into a dance roller rink on spring and summer weekends. Working in collaboration with the Central Park Dance Skaters Association, assume vivid astro focus created 'avaf 8' -- a vibrant floorscape for the surface of the Skate Circle. He also collaborated with industrial designer Rama Chorpash to create a colorful canopy for the center of the Skate Circle. (Public Art Fund in collaboration with the Whitney Biennial 2004 - More)

Accumulated Vision - Barry Le Va at the Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania - "American artist Barry Le Va (b. 1941, Long Beach, CA; lives in New York, NY) is among the most important figures to emerge during the late 1960s. . . . . Part of a generation intent on knocking art off its pedestal, Le Va claimed the floor as his field of operations by scattering massive amounts of materials, or forms, to create works which he called "distributions." Apparently random, even chaotic, these installations are in fact premeditated and executed according to plan. Not surprisingly, drawing plays a significant role in the work of this artist whose formative training is in architecture." - View Exhibitions at Institute of Contemporary Art, The University of Pennsylvania

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QUOTES: - "I am the saint at prayer on the terrace like the peaceful beasts that graze down to the sea of Palestine. ~~ I am the scholar of the dark armchair. Branches and rain hurl themselves at the windows of my library. ~~ I am the pedestrian of the highroad by way of the dwarf woods; the roar of the sluices drowns my steps. I can see for a long time the melancholy wash of the setting sun. ~~ I might well be the child abandoned on the jetty on its way to the high seas, the little farm boy following the lane, its forehead touching the sky. ~~ The paths are rough. The hillocks are covered with broom. The air is motionless. How far away are the birds and the springs!" (From Rimbaud - 'Illuminations')

NOTES: - "One recalls Rimbaud's avowal in his Alchemy of the Word: "I regulated the form and the movement of each consonant," which was to inspire in the poets of Seurat's generation a similar search of the smallest units of poetic effect." - (
Meyer Schapiro)

THE WORK FEATURED ABOVE: - Georges Seurat's 'La Seine à Courbevoie (The Seine in Courbevoie) - 1885. Oil on canvas, 81.5 x 65cm. Private collection (c) RR (In an exhibition at Musée d'Orsay) -- Authorization: ADAGP (Societié des Auteurs Dans les Arts Graphiques et Plastiques) . . . . . . . MUSIC: - 'Alborada' - Ravel (1875 - 1937), "Ravel originally wrote the Alborada del Gracioso for piano, as the fourth piece in the cycle "Miroirs" (1904-5)."


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