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Spring Fashion 2006 - "Yamamoto/Comme des Garcons, Watanabe/Undercover, Christian Dior, Givenchy, Jean Paul Gaultier, Balenciaga, ROchas . . . . A pinched-shoulder jacket with striped pants and embellished T-shirt by Balenciaga".

Spaceblooms - "Spaceblooms emerged at the end of a remarkably long period of unprecedented growth in human knowledge. Ninety percent of all patents ever issued --perhaps a poor, but quantifiable, way of measuring knowledge --were granted in the last 150 years. While some of the technologies used today have roots in the 21st century or earlier, many of their manifestations were not envisioned until much later. The successful population of Moon and the building of the new settlements are achievements that would not have been possible without the newclear or unimbler technology, without ifasto materials or atmospheric solutions, and without the millions of discoveries, inventions and innovations. The roots of this knowledge explosion can be traced to the middle of the 21st century, when, after many decades of empty rhetoric and grandiose posturing, a worldwide focus on equal access to all levels of education was realized. In September 2235, Matoni Wulffi, a 21-year-old student of engineering, entered his final year at the University of Adanac. As a graduation project, he chose to build a self-propagating, fragrance-producing synthetic flower capable of an auton-omous existence in deep space. The project was deemed to be too complex and Matoni was advised to simplify it. Undaunted by the apparent impossibility of the task, he set out to unite the disparate technologies needed to create the object of his dreams: the flowerbloom (fbloom)." - See the catalogue, etc. . . . . For example: "Extremely flexible and self-assembling into a myriad of formations in a flash, 'hagopinis' perform everyday ballet for the star-dimpled universe . . . . " - (Contact form)

PZY-arquitectos - Buenos Aires, Argentina . . . . Casa en San Fernando, Casa en San Isidro, Casa en Cariló, Oficinas en La Algodonera . . . .

Projektor - "Aluminium mat, colourless anodized, head special-glass dark green coloured, wall-sided projection-screen coloured acryl-glass - Acryl-glass colours available: yellow, orange, umbra, grey - 230/12 V max. 50W (clear)/GY 6,35 with touch-dimmer"

nature + "Eye'm Hungry" - "A pioneer in the field of digital art, John Maeda brilliantly merges art with science, using his skill as a computer programmer to create stunning and seductive works of art. For his show at the Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain, he has created seven "digital landscapes" to be projected onto large screens, culling his metaphors from nature --trees, sky, grass, moon, rain, snow. The Eye'm Hungry gallery has been designed specifically for children." - ( . . . . This exhibition is now closed. Use the link for the show to view a digimovie of the show by Maeda and to link to eCards, etc.

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THE WORK FEATURED ABOVE: - Early 17th century Takatori ware bowl. Edo period. Brown stoneware with rice-straw ash glaze - H: 16.9 W: 24.2 cm. Japan. Gift of Charles Lang Freer, F1898.16a-b (Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery in Washington, DC) . . . . . . . MUSIC: - 'Radio Global Sound' - (Smithsonian)


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