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QUOTE: "Now and then it is possible to observe the moral life in process of revising itself, perhaps by reducing the emphasis it formerly placed upon one or another of its elements, perhaps by inventing and adding to itself a new element, some mode of conduct or of feeling which hitherto it had not regarded as essential to virtue. The news of such an event is often received with a degree of irony or some other sign of resistance. Nowadays, of course, we are all of us trained to believe that the moral life is in ceaseless flux and that the values, as we call them, of one epoch are not those of another. We even find it easy to believe that the changes do not always come about gradually but are sometimes quite sudden. This ready recognition of change in the moral life is implicit in our modern way of thinking . . . . . " [From '
Sincerity and Authenticity, Lionel Trilling)

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Events - Lalique Glass at South Kensington Nov 11, Magificent Jewels in Geneva November 16, Modern & Contemporary art in Milan Nov 23 --- Christies, Sothebys, Phillips de Pury & Luxembourg

Sculpture at the National Gallery (Washington, DC)

'Claudio Bravo en Chile', an exhibition at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago, Chile.

Campfire Stories with George Catlin - "Drawing on the fine collection of paintings and sketches by Catlin held by the Smithsonian American Art Museum, this multifaceted online exhibit and educational tool offers interpretations and commentary on Catlin's artworks from a diverse set of individuals, including those of curator Peter Matthiessen, Emery Battis (reading Catlin's own words), and several contemporary Native American leaders and artists." (The Scout Report)

The Cooker - Artist / Designer Jake Tilson works and lives in London. Explore 'City Picture Fiction', 'Jump', 'Cookie', and 'Invisible Exports' which "uses photographs taken by Jake Tilson in three flea markets. . . . In one sense Invisible Exports is another method of producing a collage - using the juxtaposition of photographic images rather than buying the objects and creating three-dimensional works from them - which Tilson spent fifteen years doing. He now comes away from a flea market with used rolls of films rather than a bag of objects."

Art Project - Collections, Artists, Works - Historic Moments, World Wonders. (Google Projects)

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NOTES: "The imitation of nature teaches the artist to apprehend, or at least to have some glimpse of the mystery of the relations of harmony . . . . The dependence of every portion, every atom of nature on what it comes in contact with, is its life, its excellence, its beauty." - (From 'Natural Harmonies' in Professional Essays by Sir Charles Lock Eastlake)

THE WORK FEATURED ABOVE: Agostino di Giovanni. 'Scholars', Marble. Detail from relief on the Tomb of Cino da Pistoia. About 1350.. "In his monument to Cino, Agostino shows himself more completely at his ease in the small decorative figures than in the monumental statues, and still more so in the bas-relief panel. The scene of the poet enthroned among the scholars offers him the opportunity for delightful descriptive notes that suggest similar effects of miniature painting, or the work of minor Sienese artists after the Lorenzetti." (Scultura gotica, 1200 Years of Sculpture., Italy) . . . . . MUSIC: 'Gambangan' - from Bali, at Folk Songs


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