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That which makes vision possible . . . . An Electromagnetic Radiation . . . . Aspect or Appearance presented to view . . . . Sensation aroused by stimulation of visual receptors . . . . Particular Illumination . . . . Sight, Spiritual Illumination, Inner Light, Enlightenment, Truth, Public Knowledge, From the Point of View of . . . . In View of . . . . Daylight, Dawn, Celestial Body, Candle, Electric Light, Flame, Lighthouse, Beacon, Traffic Light . . . . That through which light is admitted . . . .

R  E  F  E  R  E  N  C  E  S 
1 Light n [ME, fr. OE loht; akin to OHG licht lig ht, L luc-, lux light, lucre to shine, Gk leukos white] [bef. 12c] 1a: something that makes vision possible b: the sensation aroused by stimulation of the visual receptors c: an electromagnetic radiation in the wave-length range including infrared, visible, ultraviolet, and X rays and traveling in a vacuum with a speed of about 186.281 miles [300,000 kilometers] per second; specif: the part of this range that is visible to the human eye 2a: Daylight b: Dawn 3: a source of light: as a: a celestial body b: Candle c: an electric light 4archaic: Sight 4a 5a: spiritual illumination b: Inner light c: Enlightenment d: Truth 6a: public knowledge [facts brought to light] b: a particular aspect or appearance presented to view [saw the matter in a different __] 7: a particular illumination 8: somethng that enlightens or through which light is admitted 10 pl: a set of principles, standards, or opinions [worship according to one's __s -Adrienne Koch] 11: a noteworthy person in a particular place or field 12: a particular expression of the eye. 13a: Lighthouse, Beacon b: Traffic Light 14: the representation of light in art 15: a flame for lighting something -in the light of 1: from the point of view of 2 or In light of: in view of

2 Light adj 1: having light: Bright [a __ airy rom] 2a: not dark, intense, or swarthy in color or coloring: Pale b of colors: medium in saturatin and high in lightness [__ blue] 2 of coffee: served with extra milk or cream

3 Light vi [bef. 12c] 1: to become light: Brighten -usu used with up [her face lit up] 2: to take fire 3: to ignite something [as a cigarette] -often used with up -vt 1: to set fire to 2a: to conduct with a light: Guide b: Illuminate: to set fire to 2a: to conduct with a light: Guide b: Illuminate [rockets __up the sky] c: Animate, Brighten [a smile lit up her face]

4 Light adj [ME, fr. OE loht; akin to OHG lhti light, L levis, GK elachys small [bef. 12c] 1a: having little weight: not heavy b: designed to carry a comparatively small load [a __ truck] c: having relatively little weight in proportin to bulk [aluminum is a __metal] d: containing less than the legal, standard, or usual weight [a __ coin] 2a: of little importance; Trivial b: not abundant [__rain] a__ lunch] 3a: easily disturbed [a __ sleeper] b: exerting a minimum of force or pressure: Gentle [a __ touch] c: resulting from a very slight pressure: Faint [__ print] 4a: easily endurable [a __ illness] b: requiring little effort [__ work] 45: capable of moving swiftly or nimbly [__ on his feet] 6a: Frivolous 1a [__ conduct] b: lacking in stability: Changeable [__ opinions] c: sexually promiscuous 7: free from care: Cheerful 8: less powerful but usu. more mobile than usual for its kind [__ cavalry] 9a: made with a lower calorie content or with less of some ingredient [as salt. fat. or alcohol] than usual [__ beer] [__ salad dressing] b: havang a relatively mild flavor 10a: easily digested [a __ soup] b: well leavened [a __ crust] 11: coarse and sandy or easily pulverized [__ soil] 12: Dizzy, Giddy [felt __ in the head] 13: intended chiefly to entertain [__ verse] [__ comedy] 14a: carrying little or no cargo [the ship returned __] b: producing goods for direct consumption by the consumer [__ industry] 15: not bearing a stress or accent [a __ syllable] 16: having a clear soft quality [a __ voice] 17: being in debt to the pot in a poker game [three chips __] 18: short 5d [__ on experience -syn. see Easy

5 Light adv [bef 12c] 1: lightly 2: with little baggage [travel __]

6 Light vi [ME, fr. OE lihtan; akin to OE loht light in weight] [bef. 12c] 1: Dismount 2: Settle, Alight [a bird lit on the lawn] 3: to fall unexpectedly -usu. used with on or upon 4: to arrive by chance: Happen -usu. used with on or upon [lit upon a solution] -light into: to attack forcefully [I lit into that food until Id finished off the heel of the loaf -Helen Eustis] [Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 10th Edition. Springfield, MA, USA: Merriam-Webster, Inc. 1995.]



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