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Impression, Suggestion, Expression, Appearance, Shape . . . . An overspread of a color or modification of the appearance of a substance by a trace of some added hue: Shade . . . . Tinge, Suggestion . . . . Mold of the details of a natural object by interal infiltration . . . . Form in which a thing is constructed, Set [as in a narrative of characters in a play] . . . . Reproduction . . . . An Impression taken from an object with a liguid or plastic substance . . . .

Cast is descriptive of slight complexity or subtlety of color. It may also mean a tendency toward another color, not sufficient to classify it as being a definite shade; for example, two yellows may be of the same shade, yet one may have a slightly reddish cast. [Mayer, Ralph. The PainterÍs Craft. An Introduction to ArtistÍs Methods and Materials. Revised and updated by Steven Sheehan, Director of the Ralph Mayer Center, Yale University School of Art. New York: Penquin Group. 1948. 1991. p. 30]

To Cause to Move or send forth, Put forth, Direct, Give Shape to, Assign the parts of, Place, Form, Bring Forth, Build, Estimate, Conjecture . . . . Deposit, Discard, Shed

Some things, consequently, are cast into light, meaning, shape, sense . . . .

R  E  F  E  R  E  N  C  E  S 
1 Cast [ME, fr. On kasta; akin to ON kos heap] vt [13c] 1a: to cause to move or send forth by throwing [__ a fishing lure] [__ dice] b: Direct [__ a glance] c [1]: to put forth [the fire __s a warm glow] [2]: to place as if by throwing [__ doubt on their reliability] d: to deposit [a ballot ] formally e [1]: to throw off or away [the horse __ a shoe] [2]: to get rid of: Discard [__ off all restraint] [3]: Shed, Molt [4]: to bring forth: esp: to give birth to prematurely f: to throw to the ground esp. in wrestling g: to build by throwing up earth 2a: [1]: to perform arithmetical operations on: Add [2] to calculate by means of astrology b archaic: Decide, Intend 3a: to dispose or arrange into parts or into a suitable form or order b [1]: to assign the parts of [a dramatic production] to actors [2]: to assign [as an actor] to a role or part 4a: to give a shape to [a substance] by pouring in liquid or plastic form into a mold and letting harden without pressure [__ steel ] b: to form by this process 5: Turn [__ the scale slightly] 6: to make [a knot or stitch] by looping or catching up 7: twist, Warp [a beam __ by age] -vi 1: to throw: Vomit 3 dial Eng: to bear fruit: Yield 4a: to perform addition b obs: Estimate, Conjecture 5: Warp 6: to range over land in search of a trail -used of hunting dogs or trackers 7: Veer . . . 2 Cast 2a: the form in which a thing is constructed b [1]: the set of actors in a dramatic production [2]: a set [as in a narrative] of characters or persons c: the arrangement of draperies in a painting 3: the distance to which a thing can be thrown: specif: the distance a bow can shoot 4a: a turning of the eye in a particular direction: also: Expression [this freakish, elfish __ came into the childÍs eye -Nathaniel Hawthorne] b: a slight strabismus 5: something that is thrown or the quantity thrown; esp. Brit: the leader of a fishing line 6a: something that is formed by casting in a mold or form: as [1]: a reproduction [as of a statue] in metal or plaster: Casting [2]: a fossil reproduction of the details of a natural object by interal infiltration b: an impression taken from an object with a liguid or plastic substance: Mold c: a rigid dressing of gauze impregnated with plaster of paris for immobilizing a diseased or broken part 7: Forecast, Conjecture 8a: an overspread of a color or modification of the appearance of a substance by a trace of some added hue: Shade [gray with a greenish __] b: Tinge, Suggestion 9a: a ride on one's way in a vehicle: Lift bScot:; Help, Assistance 10a: Shape, Appearance [the delicate __ of her features] b: characteristic quality [his father's conservative __ of mind] 11: something that is shed, ejected . . . . [Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 10th Edition. Springfield, MA, USA: Merriam-Webster, Inc. 1995.]



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