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Serious determined effort . . . . To strive to achieve . . . . Reach . . . . Attempt . . . . To work with set purpose

R  E  F  E  R  E  N  C  E  S 
1 Endeavor vb endeavored; endeavoring [ME endeveren to exert oneself, fr. en- + dever duty -more at Devoir] vt [15c] 1 archaic. to strive to achieve or reach 2: to attempt [as the fulfillment of an obligation] by exertion of effort [__s to finish the race] -vi: to work with set purpose -syn. see Attempt

2 Endeavor n [15c] 1: serious determined effort 2: activity directed toward a goal: Enterprise [fields of __]

[Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 10th Edition. Springfield, MA, USA: Merriam-Webster, Inc. 1995.]



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