Notebook, 1993-

DIRECTORIES - A Representative Listing with Periodic Corrections and Additions

(This is a very limited introduction to some of the many resources world-wide. Be sure to explore the web and do connect with organizations and institutions through social media for current news, programs, exhibitions and events.)

28 Cities from 19 Countries Join the UNESCO Creative Cities Network - ( - Asia/Europe Foundation)

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'Contemporary' is alive in diverse approaches and modes of expression world-wide. It should also be noted in regard to 'abstraction' in contemporary art that this approach in narrative, conceptual or decorative intent -and in commercial mass-production -can be observed in ancient Greek art, in the work of the Middle East and in Egypt thousands of years BC, and a critic and scholar of non-Western art, Thomas McEvilley, challenged ideas in our western contemporary culture: "He was among the first widely read critics of his generation to write about contemporary non-Western art at a time when it was all but unknown to the Western market." - (On Thomas McEvilley - NYTimes 3/30/13)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Where do we find a perspective on the work of artists that are 'French' today, say, or 'Korean' . . . . 'Brazilian' or 'Canadian' or 'Italian' . . . . in relationship to other artists who live elsewhere . . . . ?? We can also live 'everywhere' with a smathering of digital knowledge -and we see representatives at Global Fairs -but where do we get a perspective on the work of a few who are the 'English' or 'Greek' or 'Australian' artists to watch today (in addition to Chinese artists lately)? Is it ok to be of a particular place and time (in addition to or perhaps more than the cultural issues)?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Multiple Modernities: 1905-1970' at the Pompidou Center in Paris. The exhibition consists primarily of Modern artists from China, Japan, India, the so-called Middle East and Eastern Europe, with an interlarding of Western Europeans like Matisse and Picasso. I'd never heard of many of the non-Europeans, and I bet you haven't either . . . . " - (From: 'Multiple Modernities: 1905-1970 at the Pompidou Center in Paris')

World Heritage - [A listing of 730 cultural and natural sites protected worldwide] "The Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage (the World Heritage Convention) was adopted by the General Conference of UNESCO in 1972. To date, more than 170 countries have adhered to the Convention, making it one of the most universal international legal instruments for the protection of the cultural and natural heritage.

The International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) - "An international nongovernmental organization composed of 110 national committees and 23 international specialized committees which form a worldwide alliance for the preservation and protection of historic buildings, districts and sites. Founded in 1965, it maintains a secretariat in Paris that serves as a central point for exchange of information. ICOMOS is the official advisor on cultural heritage to the World Heritage Convention, an international treaty designed to protect the world's great cultural and environmental sites."

Museums Online - (An international listing of museum sites online) --- International Council on Museums - (With Orgaization, Conference, and Publication listings)

Biennials and International Art Events

Government Embassies World-wide

Actualities Internationales - Library of Congress global gateway to collections and resources.

World Culture and Resources - Library of Congress global gateway to collections and resources.

International Antiques, Fine Art & Decorative Art

CultureLink - "The Network of Networks for Research and Cooperation in Cultural Development - The Culturelink Network gathers about 1000 networks and member institutions from 97 countries in all parts of the world. The Network's mission is to collect, process and disseminate cultural information, with the aim of encouraging international and intercultural communication and collaboration."

Universes in Universe - Visual arts of Africa, Asia, Latin America/Caribbean within the context of international art processes

Cultur360 - Asia-Europe Cultural Exchange - "A portal initiated by the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) and managed by the Culture Department at the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)."

Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes - "Established in 1988, the of Humanities Centers and Institutes serves as a site for the discussion of issues germane to the fostering of crossdisciplinary activity and as a network for the circulation of information and the sharing of resources. It has a membership of over one hundred and thirty centers and institutes that are remarkably diverse in size and scope and are located in the United States, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Russia, China, France, the United Kingdom, and other countries. "

The European League of Institutes of the Arts - "The European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA) is an independent membership organization representing approximately 350 higher arts education institutions in 45 countries. It was founded in 1990 to represent, advocate and promote higher arts education and to create platforms of discussion and exchange at European as well as local and wider levels. Its office is located in Amsterdam." - (Wikepedia)

Portals to the World - [Library of Congress]

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National (USA)
NOTE: Many US National sites are listed on page 2
under USA and under Washington, DC

National Assembly of State Arts Agencies . . . . . . . . AK . . . . . . AL . . . . . . AR . . . . . . AZ . . . . . . CA . . . . . . CO . . . . . . CT . . . . . . DC . . . . . . DE . . . . . . FL . . . . . . GA . . . . . . HI . . . . . . IA . . . . . . ID . . . . . . IL . . . . . . IN . . . . . . KS . . . . . . KY . . . . . . LA . . . . . . MA . . . . . . MD . . . . . . ME . . . . . . MI . . . . . . MN . . . . . . MO . . . . . . MS . . . . . . MT . . . . . . NC . . . . . . ND . . . . . . NE . . . . . . NH . . . . . . NJ . . . . . . NM . . . . . . NV . . . . . . NY . . . . . . OH . . . . . . OK . . . . . . OR . . . . . . PA . . . . . . RI . . . . . . SC . . . . . . SD . . . . . . TN . . . . . . TX . . . . . . UT . . . . . . VA . . . . . . VT . . . . . . WA . . . . . . WI . . . . . . WV . . . . . . WY

US Regional Arts Organizations - "The US Regional Arts Organizations are six non-profit entitites created to encourage development of the arts and to support arts programs on a regional basis. Funded by the NEA . . . . " Arts Midwest . . . Mid-America Arts Alliance . . . Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation . . . New England Foundation for the Arts . . . Southern Arts Federation . . . Western States Arts Federation

Pacific Arts Councils Network . . . American Samoa . . . Guam . . . The Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas . . . Puerto Rico . . . Virgin Islands

Alliance of Artists Communities - "Artists' communities are places that provide temporary time, space, and support to artists for the creation of new work. These creative residencies are generally anywhere from one week to one year. Artists of all kinds - visual artists, writers, designers, composers, filmmakers, choreographers, and scholars - are served by artists' communities. The communities themselves are as diverse as their artists: some are located in isolated rural mountainsides, others in the middle of urban warehouse districts; some provide solitary retreat to artists working alone, and others welcome collaborative teams as well. While many sites exist solely as an artists' community, others are part of larger institutions, such as museums, colleges, municipalities, or national parks . . . . Our membership includes professionally run artists' communities, other nonprofit organizations that support artists in the development of their work, and individuals who believe in the creative process. . . . "

LINC - "(Leveraging Investments in Creativity) is a ten-year national campaign to improve conditions for artists in all disciplines, so that artists can more readily do their creative work and contribute to community life."

Gallery Guide - Museum and Gallery Listings

A Listing of Visual Arts Sites in the New England States - This is a Representative Listing for the visual arts in New England. The focus is on Art news and Calendars, Art Museums, Professional Visual Art Schools and Departments, Artists Studios, Arts Organizations, Art Associations and Art Centers at the local level in the New England States.

Humanities Links
[National Humanities Alliance] - "The National Humanities Alliance (NHA) is a coalition of more than eighty associations concerned with national humanities policy. "The NHA advocates for support for humanities research and represents its members in matters of policy or legislation affecting work in the humanities. NHA is the only organization that represents the U.S. humanities community as a whole. - Membership includes associations of: scholars and scholarly societies; libraries; museums; state humanities councils; historical societies; higher education institutions; independent and university-based research centers; university presses."

NEH Regional Humanities Centers - "While we often talk about "one nation," the United States actually consists of many regions. These regions--with their accents, history, culture, and folkways--help shape who we are. How many us think of ourselves as Midwesterners, Southerners, New Englanders, or Westerners? When we identify with a region, we draw upon what Eudora Welty calls "a sense of place"--cultural, historical, and social roots that shape our identities and imaginations. In a nation and world continually drawn together by travel, telecommunications, and the global economy, it is easy to overlook the importance of local experiences to our heritage and daily lives. But it is in fact our sense of place that helps us comprehend an evolving world by providing valuable perspectives on national and international changes." - Pacific Regional Humanities Center - Southwest Regional Humanities Center - Rocky Mountain - Plains Humanities Alliance - Center for the Study of Upper Midwestern Cultures - Deep South Regional Humanities Center - Mid-Atlantic Regional Center for the Humanities (MARCH) - South Atlantic Humanities Center (SAHC) - Central Region Humanities Center - New England Center for the Humanities

Federation of State Humanities Councils - "The Federation is a grassroots organization of 56 state humanities councils with connections in virtually every community in the nation. The state humanities councils are funded in part by the federal government through the National Endowment for the Humanities; they also receive funding from private donations, foundations, corporations, and, in some cases, state government. The councils are unique public-private partnerships created to provide access to conversations about ideas and to promote the application of the humanities to addressing community needs and public policy issues."

The Townscape Institute - "The term townscape design has been defined as the art of giving visual coherence and organization to the collage of buildings, streets, and spaces that make up the urban environment. Since its incorporation in 1979, The Townscape Institute, a not-for-profit public interest planning organization in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has utilized this concept to improve both the legibility and the livability of cities, towns, and neighborhoods. The Institute's range of endeavors supports the townscape notion that the whole can become more than the sum of its parts. Through advocacy for the visual enhancement of the built environment and projects combining public art and urban design, The Townscape Institute affirms, enhances, and reveals a sense of place. For the past 27 years, the Institute's principals have worked in over one hundred communities and ten countries with a practice that includes consulting, advocacy, education, and the execution of design work. The Institute's projects seek to reveal "place meaning" and thus to encourage a sense of proprietorship toward locale which can nourish a positive ethic for the built environment. To achieve this goal, The Townscape Institute develops strategies that strengthen people's capacity to lay claim to their own environs by making mental associations to it. Such projects include Main Street revitalization efforts, cultural identity programs including plaques and computer software, and the commissioning of public art and artisanry."

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L I S T (by location)

African Continent:

National Museum of African Art - [Washington, DC]

International Council of African Museums

Cycles - African Life Through Art

African Art - [Emory University]

Art & Life in Africa Online

Africa Exchange - "Formed in 1995 as a program of 651 ARTS, building upon 651's already established Artist Residency Program and Humanities Program. The program is designed to preserve, transmit, and nurture African culture within U.S. communities, create links between African and U.S.-based artists, and explore new artistic forms and mutual influences between cultures."

African Art: Aesthetics and Meaning - [Univ. of Virginia Bayly Art Museum]

Africa Digital Library - "Research teams at MSU, the Institut Fonermental d'Afrique Noire [IFAN], and the West African Research Center [WARC], are developing a multi-media, multi-language digital library."

Exploring Africa - "This site has been developed by the African Studies Center at Michigan State University in collaboration with the Center for Middle East and North African Studies at the University of Michigan, as part of World Reach a web-based project which seeks to bring high quality materials to educators. Our goal is to provide K-12 and undergraduate educators and students, their parents and communities with high quality comprehensive learning materials from and about Africa. We will provide educational materials at four educational levels: K-5, 6-8, 912, and undergraduate. At the K - 12 levels we will target the social studies, but in a manner which incorporates exposure to Africa's rich and diverse cultural expressions.

Museums Online: South Africa

Arts, Culture and Heritage of South Africa

Dak'art / La Biennale de l'art africain contemporain, Senegal - "For a dozen years now, the Biennial of Contemporary African Art has been offering, edition after edition, a space for the presentation and legitimization of contemporary creativity in Africa. An initiative of the Senegalese State, Dak'Art expresses the political will of placing culture at the heart of development strategies in Senegal and brings its contribution to the implementation of the African Union. Dak'Art is a major event for enhancing and promoting current African creativity. This sixth edition whose artistic content has been entrusted to professionals from the Art world, will raise with the Encounters and Exchange Colloquium the issue of Contemporary African Art put to the test of globalization: constraints, advantages and prospects."

The African Studies Association (ASA) - "Founded in 1957 as a nonprofit organization open to all individuals and institutions interested in African affairs. Its mission is to bring together people with a scholarly and professional interest in Africa. The ASA also provides useful services to the Africanist community. Currently four periodicals and several occasional publications are produced annually. With 3,000 individual and 600 institutional members, the Association is the leading North American organization which promotes African Studies."

African Studies Center - [Univ. of Pennsylvania School of Arts and Sciences]


Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo

Argentina: Art Museums, Exhibition Centres

ArteUna - "ESPACIO DE ARTE MULTIPLE" [Argentina's Directocry of Art Resources on the Web]

Asociacion Amigos del Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes - " The Association of Friends began with a group of enthusiastic founders who felt attracted to the idea of creating a 'society' to help the National Museum of Fine Arts and to promote and enhance its collections."

International Art Biennial of Buenos Aires (organized by the National Museum of Fine Arts) - "For over a month it will be possible to attend shows of consummate artists and of the next generation. This Biennial does not attempt to compete with the renowned Venice or Sao Paulo Biennials. Rather, the goal we are pursuing is akin to that of the Whitney Museum's Biennial in New York: to educate our artists, make them known by art critics and people interested in the visual arts from Latin-America interested in recent works of contemporary art. Art has been a uniting factor for human beings ever since our ancestors painted the caverns of Altamira and Lascaux, twenty-two thousand years ago. Art has survived time and struggles, division among men. It is humanity's highest common denominator, it's never ending source of harmony." (Universes in Universe - Visual arts of Africa, Asia, Latin America/Caribbean within the context of international art processes)

Analogous Landscapes - II International Art Biennial-Buenos Aires Museo Nacional de Bellas Arte 2002 - "C5's (Theory as Product) research into the epistemic function of human cooperation continues with a new project that utilizes GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and GPS (Global Positioning Systems) technology. The proposed artwork takes form as a comparative analysis of Mt. Fuji in Japan and Mt. Shasta in California. Both are active volcanoes selected because of their cultural significance, topographic and visual similarity. (There are many analogous landscapes and the exhibition will include other examples.) The project was initiated at the Second International Art Biennial Buenos Aires in November of 2002 and will be completed in 2004. The first incarnation of the project involves the fabrication of two small sculptural models (25-cm diameter/12-14 cm height) of the topographical features of Mt. Fuji and Mt. Shasta. Each object is produced directly from DEM (Digital Elevation Data) obtained from the NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Japanese ASTER satellite topographic mapping projects. A computer controlled milling machine (CNC) is used for fabrication directly from the data source. The objects are in essence, actualized database objects. The installation includes supporting materials that contextualize the objectives and trajectory of the project. In 2004, C5 will enable two teams equipped with satellite telecom and instrumentation integrating GPS tracking and DEM terrain information to climb the mountains in an experiment of multi-site cooperation and navigation. The teams will ascend the mountains while deliberately maintaining identical elevation. To accomplish this task each team will select appropriate navigational paths in concert with the other. Custom software, support instrumentation and endurance gear will be designed to facilitate the objective of simultaneous ascent. The final exhibition will present all artifacts associated with the enterprise including the original Mt. Fuji and Mt Shasta data objects with the navigational paths engraved."

Americas: - See Also: Latin America, Canada, USA, Washington, DC, etc.

Art Museum of the Americas - (Organization of American States)

Museums in Latin America [International Council on Museums]


Asia-Europe Museum Network

Asian Cultural Council - "A publicly supported operating foundation, the Asian Cultural Council was established in 1980 to supersede the Asian Cultural Program of The JDR 3rd Fund, which was created by John D. Rockefeller 3rd in 1963. Over the past 40 years, the Council and The JDR 3rd Fund before it have provided grant assistance to more than 3,700 Asians and Americans in the arts. Funding for the Council's programs is derived from a combination of endowment income and contributions from individuals, foundations, government agencies, and corporations in the United States and Asia. The ACC has been formally affiliated with the Rockefeller Brothers Fund since 1991"

Asia Society - Sites Worldwide

Abzu - Guide to Resources for the Study of the Ancient Near East [Including Museum Collections] - "The on-line journal for the study and exhibition of the arts of Asia."

Asia Foundation - "The Asia Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organization committed to the development of a peaceful, prosperous, and open Asia-Pacific region. The Foundation supports programs in Asia that help improve governance and law, economic reform and development, women's participation, and international relations. Drawing on nearly 50 years of experience in Asia, the Foundation collaborates with private and public partners to support leadership and institutional development, exchanges, and policy research. With a network of 17 offices throughout Asia, an office in Washington, D.C., and its headquarters in San Francisco, the Foundation addresses these issues on both a country and regional level. In 2003, the Foundation will provide grants, educational materials, and other resources of more than $60 million to 22 countries and territories."

Yishu - Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art - "A leading journal in the coverage of Chinese contemporary art and culture. With each quarterly issue, you will find scholarly essays on topical matters, critical commentary of conferences, exhibitions and books in the Chinese art field. Yishu aims to provide an authoritative forum for dialogue and debate around the visual and literary forms being produced within an expanded understanding of Chinese Contemporary Art."

Sharjah International Biennial - (Sharjah Art Museums and Expo Centre Sharjah, U.A.E.) - "Sharjah is the third largest of the 7 constituent emirates of the United Arab Emirates. It rates as the cultural centre of the Federation. In 1998, Sharjah was UNESCO cultural capital of the Arab World. Since 1993, the Department of Culture and Information of the Emirate of Sharjah has hosted the international Art Biennial in the city of that same name. The aim is to encourage contacts between artists, and art institutions and organizations of the Arab countries and to promote exchange with art scenes in other parts of the world. This accounts for a high proportion of Arab artists in all previous editions."

The Central Asian Pages

CARES - Central Asia Resources

Asian Studies - [Asia-Pacific Global Resources]

List of Search Engines by Country

Asia-Europe Foundation - "The Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) seeks to promote better mutual understanding between the peoples of Asia and Europe through greater intellectual, cultural and people-to-people exchanges between the two regions."

Center for the Study of Eurasian Nomads

Waugh's Central Asia

Atlanta, Georgia:

High Museum of Art


National Gallery [Canberra]

National Portrait Gallery [Canberra]

National Gallery of Victoria [Melbourne]

Museum of Contemporary Art [Sydney]

Queensland Art Gallery

Biennale of Sydney 2010 - International Festival of Contemporary Art, Australia - "The Biennale of Sydney was created in 1973 as an international showcase for contemporary art. Its aim was to develop and present a program that challenged traditional thinking and encouraged new levels of enthusiasm for innovative creative expression. The concept exceeded early expectations and the event proved to be a natural fit with Sydney, reflecting the blend of experiment and enjoyment of innovation and energy that has always been a hallmark of Australia's largest city. From a small start, the Biennale quadrupled in size in less than a decade. The Biennale of Sydney quickly achieved international recognition and today it ranks, with Venice and São Paulo, as one of the three leading international festivals of contemporary art and multimedia. The Biennale of Sydney is widely considered to be the pre-eminent contemporary art event in the Southern Hemisphere."


The Vienna Kunsthistorishes Museum

Museum Graphische Sammlung Albertina [Vienna]


Art Basel - "The annual Art Basel International art show in June is the world's premier fair for 20th- and 21st-century art. Leading galleries from all the continents bring over 5,000 works by 1,500 artists to it. 50,000 art collectors, art dealers, artists, curators, journalists and art lovers take part in the annual family reunion of the art world. They come to see the most rigorously juried selection of what the international art market has to offer, and to meet the insiders and stars of the art scene. Art Basel is unique for the high quality and unparalleled variety of works on display."


Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten [The Royal Museum of Fine Arts] in Antwerp.

Musées royaux d'art et d'histoire [Brussels]

Boston Area:

MA / Boston Area Visual Arts

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Gardner Museum

Harvard University Art Museums

Addison Gallery of American Art - [Phillips Academy - Andover, MA]

Boston University Art Gallery

Rose Art Museum [Brandeis University]

Davis Museum and Cultural Center [Wellesley College]

Worcester Art Museum

The Institute of Contemporary Art

MIT List Visual Arts Center

The Society for Arts and Crafts

DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park

Tufts University Gallery

Art New England

Boston Symphony Orchestra

New England Conservatory of Music

American Repertory Theatre


LANIC Country Resources - Bolivia - [Latin American Network Information Center]

Primera Exposicion de Arte Boliviano Contemporaneo en el Internet


Kalahari Art - Online exhibit of 17 Kuru-San artists living in the Kalahari of Botswana. The virtual exhibition opened simultaneously in Amsterdam and Gaborone where the online exhibit was combined with a traditional showing of the featured artists.


Museu de Arte Contemporanea da Universidade de Sao Paulo


Hungarian National Museum

Center for Culture and Communication


Cairo Biennial


Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco - "Comprising the de Young in Golden Gate Park and the Legion of Honor in Lincoln Park, we are the largest public arts institution in the City of San Francisco and one of the largest art museums in the United States. - The de Young is San Francisco's oldest museum. Its collections include American paintings, decorative arts and crafts; arts from Africa, Oceania, and the Americas; and western and non-western textiles. Long known as the City's Museum, the de Young is particularly recognized for its many educational arts programs for children and adults. The de Young re-opened in a new state-of-the-art facility in Golden Gate Park on October 15, 2005. - Built to commemorate Californian soldiers who died in World War I, the Legion of Honor is a beautiful Beaux Arts building located in San Francisco's Lincoln Park. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the Golden Gate Bridge and all of San Francisco, the Legion is noted for its breathtaking setting. Its collections include European decorative arts and paintings, ancient art, and one of country's largest and finest collections of works on paper (prints, drawings, photographs, books)." - Research their image database.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art [SFMOMA]

The Getty - "This website contains information on collections and exhibitions, education, conservation, scholarly research."

Los Angeles County Art Museum

Los Angeles Center for Digital Art - "Dedicated to the propagation of all forms of digital art, supporting local, international, emerging and established artists in our gallery. We have an ongoing schedule of exhibits and competitions, and produce editions of wide format archival prints."

San Francisco Opera

University of California/Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive

MOCA - The Museum of Contemporary Art at California Plaza

Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

ArtScene [Galleries & Museums in Southern California]

LA Times Arts & Entertainment

California Arts Council


National Gallery of Canada

Royal Ontario Museum [Toronto]

Center for Contemporary Canadian Artists

Art Gallery of Ontario

Musée des Beaux-Arts Montréal

Ohwejagehka: Ha`degaenage - A nonprofit organization based on Six Nations of the Grand River in Ontario Canada that was established to help preserve and nurture the Iroquoian languages and songs.

Archives et Médiathàque du Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal

La Biennale de Montréal, Canada - "The Biennale de Montreal is an international biennial established in 1998. . . . . "

Art Toronto - Toronto International Art Fair

The Canada Council for the Arts


Art Institute of Chicago

Oriental Institute [The University of Chicago]


Coleccion Virtual de Patrimonio Artistico y Arquitectenico Chileno y Latino Americano - Art, Arguitectura, Artesanea [Co-financiado par el Ministerio de Educacion de Chile - Mineduc 1994 - y la Pontificia Universidad Catlica de Chile. Conte con la colaboracion del Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de Santiago de Chile]

El Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes


The National Palace Museum - Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China

Yishu - Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art - "A leading journal in the coverage of Chinese contemporary art and culture. With each quarterly issue, you will find scholarly essays on topical matters, critical commentary of conferences, exhibitions and books in the Chinese art field. Yishu aims to provide an authoritative forum for dialogue and debate around the visual and literary forms being produced within an expanded understanding of Chinese Contemporary Art."

Yin Yu Tang

Lee Kong Chian Art Museum - The National Univ. of Singapore

Art Scene China - "A contemporary Chinese art gallery featuring some of China's most well-established avant-garde artists as well as exciting up-and-coming artists. The website showcases over 300 artworks by artists from throughout China."


Ancient Chinese Arts - (Texts and Links)


CT - Representative selection of Visual Arts Sites in the state of Connecticut

Yale University Art Gallery

Costa Rico:

El Museo de Arte Costarricense


Bienal de La Habana, Cuba

Czech Republic:

National Museum [Prague]

National Gallery, Prague [with a link to the Center for Modern and Contemporary Art]


Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library


The National Museum

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art - Situated in Denmark on the North Zealand coast in a spacious, old park with a fine view across the Sound to Sweden. It houses an exquisite collection of modern art by international artists such as Arp, Francis Bacon, Calder, Dubuffet, Max Ernst, Sam Francis, Giacometti, Kiefer, Henry Moore, Picasso, Rauschenberg and Warhol.

Design Museum Danmark


Egyptian Museum [Cairo]

Cairo Biennial - The 9th International Cairo Biennial - The 10th International Cairo Biennial


National Gallery of Art - London

Courtauld Institute of Art [University of London]

National Trust

English Heritage

The Tate

The National Portrait Gallery

Royal Academy of Arts

Interaction Design at the Royal College of Art

National Media Museum

BALTIC - "Housed in a landmark industrial building on the south bank of the River Tyne in Gateshead, BALTIC is the biggest gallery of its kind in the world --presenting a dynamic, diverse and international programme of contemporary visual art."

Ashmolean Museum of Art & Archaeology - Oxford

Victoria & Albert Museum - London

The Wallace Collection

Liverpool - "Established in 1998, Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art Ltd has presented four festivals, in 1999, 2002, 2004 and 2006. Plans are now being laid for Liverpool Biennial 2008. The 'mission' through all our activities is 'engaging art, people and place' . . . . "

Frieze Art Fair, London - "Frieze Art Fair takes place every October in Regent's Park, London. The fair provides an environment to introduce and showcase new and established artists to visitors from around the world."

The Gallery Guide

the cooker

The Ruskin - (Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art at Oxford)


European Cultural Portal - "We hope that you will find the information you require here, whether it is a question of cultural activities (music, dance, heritage restoration, etc.) or Community action (cultural cooperation, funding for cultural facilities, international cooperation, etc.), safe in the knowledge that there are information networks on hand throughout the Member States and regions of the European Union to also help you find what you are looking for."

Europeana - "Bringing you digitised books, films, paintings, newspapers, sounds and archives from Europe's greatest collections . . . . The digital content will be selected from that which is already digitised and available in Europe's museums, libraries, archives and audio-visual collections. The prototype aims to have representative content from all four of these cultural heritage domains, and also to have a broad range of content from across Europe. The interface will be multilingual. Initially, this may mean that it is available in French, English and German, but the intention is to develop the number of languages available following the launch. . . . . Europeana is a Thematic Network funded by the European Commission under the eContentplus programme, as part of the i2010 policy. Originally known as the European digital library network --EDLnet --it is a partnership of 90 representatives of heritage and knowledge organisations and IT experts from throughout Europe. They contribute to the Work Packages that are solving the technical and usability issues and developing the specifications for the prototype. Overseeing the project is the EDL Foundation, which includes key European cultural heritage associations from the four domains."

The European League of Institutes of the Arts - "ELIA is an independent network of 364 Arts Education Institutes, covering all the disciplines of the Arts: Dance, Design, Theatre, Fine Art, Music, Media Arts and Architecture, with members in 46 countries, founded in Amsterdam in"


European Public Art Service - "Publishes regulary a newsletter addressed to the professionals in the field of art, architecture and urban design."

West European Studies [Association of College and Research Libraries]

Council for European Studies [Columbia] - "Founded in 1970, the Council for European Studies is the leading American professional association for the study of Europe in the social sciences and humanities. The Council's overarching aim is to promote interdisciplinary research and study, and welcomes members across academic disciplines and beyond. Its 1,200 individual members come from the United States, Canada, twenty-four countries in Europe and some fifteen countries across the globe, and its 80 institutional members comprise a network of universities and colleges throughout North America. In light of momentous changes in Europe at the end of the twentieth century, the Council has undertaken many initiatives to act as a leader in encouraging research and interdisciplinary debate. The Council is hosted at Columbia University at the Institute for the Study of Europe and the Harriman Institute."

Manifesta - "The European Biennial of Contemporary Art, was initiated, and is supported, by the International Foundation Manifesta (IMF) with offices in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The IMF aims to create opportunities for artists to present their work in a non-competitive environment and to facilitate the emergence of new ideas and forms of artistic expression. Manifesta explores the entire mental and geographical territory of Europe and aims to establish a close dialogue between specific cultural and artistic situations and the broader, international context of contemporary art, theory and politics in a changing society. To this end, Manifesta has opted for a nomadic existence, relocating its operational base to a different city or region of Europe every two years (1996 Rotterdam, 1998 Luxembourg, 2000 Ljubljana, 2002 Frankfurt am Main, 2004 Donostia-San Sebastian). Thus, it embodies the notion of a constantly expanding network, based on the transfer of 'know how', as a product of work in progress. The concept of Manifesta is re-examined, each time that the biennial moves on to a new city or region. As an outward expression of this process of renewal, the Board of the IFM and its new partners appoint a fresh team of curators from different parts of Europe, at the start of each new biennium."


The Finnish National Gallery

Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma

Nordic Culture Point

University of Art and Design Helsinki

School of Arts, Design and Architecture in Helsinki




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