Notebook, 1993-



OBJECTIVE: Opportunities

The idea is to provide students on a particular professional track many opportunities or 'recitals' in order to detach their work from personal studio space, to see their work in formal and clear spatial circumstance, and to encourage completion of objectives and project goals.

Opportunities should include a schedule for 'Installations' and other more informal presentations. Formal and Informal Spaces increase and vary exhibition opportunities, which might extend beyond the visual arts to performance and interaction [in which case, it would be well for a visual arts department to collaborate with the dramatic arts and theatre departments].

Formal space provides for visual clarity in the presentation of works and invites the objective point of view.

Forms of recognition or awards should substantiate specific criteria and there should be many such opportunities --not necessarily at great expense. Exhibition opportunities and recognition assist professional art students in the identification of values and objectives specific to their own work and resumé.

The school or organization might contract with large corporations, which would benefit in the support of on-site contemporary exhibitions and a schedule of awards.

NOTE: The objective supports the results of personal engagement in work and the development of a professional track.



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