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Exxercise & Practice

To understand, define, delineate or refine Tone, Clarity, Authority, Sensitivity, Responsiveness, Freshness, Flexibility, Range, Depth . . . .

To acquire or achieve Deliberation, Finish, Polish, Direction, Methodology - in concept, approach, skill, interpretation, etc.

Exercise and Practice applies to Discipline or one's Expertise . . . . The development or expansion of Authority . . . . Focus or Specialty . . . . . Métier . . . . The investment or Career, Craft, Trade, Work, Line . . . . . the breadth, Sphere, Office, Field, Province, Orb, Realm of one's interest and work . . . .

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One may get started from any perspective and find Developments will proceed through selected courses of interest. For personal appreciation --or through concentration of interest in one or two courses through which to demonstrate expertise --all forms of development require the investment of time and interest.

The focus here is on 'Exercise and Practice.'

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Developments may in this way proceed through an appreciation of the arts and art works on a very general level . . . . or . . . . through engagement in materials, processes and methods . . . . through work with visual relationships . . . . . through consideration of aesthetic theory and practice . . . . through an interpretation of a specific discipline . . . . through reference to tradition . . . . . through a review of history or attention to cultural norms or through the development of specific topics, events, or issues . . . .

C  O  N  S  I  D  E  R  A  T  I  O  N  S

One might practice specific to:

The Characteristics of Materials/Processes

Method and Technical Skills

Perceptual Skills [i.e., nuances in color tone or hue, transformations in shape or transitions in spatial depth, etc.]

Interpretation [i.e., of concept, method, composition, style, quality, conceptual idea, etc.]

Aesthetic Qualities [i.e., relationships such as that of contrasts in focus and definition - or of transitions in transparency and opaque form - or the consistency of application in material, such as wholeness to the breadth of color distributed over an area as it relates to other areas . . . - or as the particular application of the material responds to reflected light evenly or of a particular delibration in its pattern causing here a sheen there a flat weight, or generally a direction - - or the particular weight of a subject as it is defined by objects of similar or contrasting quality or meaning - - or the relationship of the process to the effect of meaning . . .

Approach [i.e., Expression, Non-objective, Material-based, Decorative, Conceptual,etc.]

Forms of Development [i.e., Process, Patterns of Relationship, Collaboration, etc.]

Resolve [i.e., levels of engagement necessarily less and more intense . . .]

Range in Expression [i.e., skill to suggest or create moods and atmospheres which may be as filled with clarity and freshness as perhaps tempered by weather or an emotion . . .]

Communication [i.e., effective demonstration or clarification of a matter, etc.]

Practice for aesthetic pleasure and understanding related tentatively to any/possibly all of the areas suggested above.

Exercise and practice, depending upon areas of personal interest and investment, is required in the development of expertise in the range of Visual Elements and Concepts, or in the understanding of Visual Relationships and Theory or in the development of Principles of Compostion [i.e., refining skills in the delineation of Structure, or Tone, or Shape, Line, Kinds of Balance, or Pattern, Repetition, Proportion, Color, or Space delineation . . . through a variety of materials or methods]

Exercise and practice, depending upon areas of personal interest and investment, is required to learn and maintain skills related to the Materials/Processes of certain media and/or disciplines--such as Drawing chalks, Ceramic glazes, the exposure of film to light in photographic technique [with special focus upon characteristics of the material--the metals or paints or the digital structures and systems or the graphite or the granite - or whatever the materials may be that are of particular interest to one's pursuit and on-going development.]

Exercise and practice, depending upon areas of personal interest and investment, is required to develop a perspective on the relationships of periods in history or of a cultural era or to distinquish and interpret mood or emotional states or for the development of structural concepts and theories or understanding of correspondence in philosophies.

Developments may proceed through personal appreciation of the arts and art works on a very general level . . . . or may proceed specific to a discipline [i.e., Oil Painting, Photography, Intaglio, etc.] or disciplines . . . . or may proceed with focus upon categories of visual arts experience [i.e., aims and objectives involved with visual elements and relationships] . . . . or may proceed specific to a Historic, Cultural, Practical, Theoretical, or Topical focus.

Consider some aspects of Discipline: Deliberation, Resourcefulness, Pursuit, Training, Understanding, Control, Procedure, Orderliness, Readiness, Conditioning, Grooming, Preparation, Qualification, Compliance, Cultivation, Development, Improvement, Direction, Practice, Endeavor, Competence, Proficiency, Facility, Prowess, Finesse, Command, Mastery, Faculty, Caliber, Forte, Qualification, Accomplishment, Acquirement, Background, Experience, Attainment, etc.



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