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Organize . . . . Compose . . . . Mark Out, Form, Arrange . . . . Intend, Prepare, Structure, Plan, Fashion, Decorate . . . . To Engineer . . . . Fit . . . . An Outline, Sketch, Layout, Construct, Format, Style, Synthesis, Motif, Pattern, Formula, Theory, Principle, Concept, Schema, Devise, Blueprint, Project, Function, Intention, Application, Coordination, Adaptation, End . . . . Purpose

Design may be more or less Abstract, Applied, Functional, Graphic, Decorative, and Ornamental. There are Professional, Theoretical, Personal, Social, Cultural, Traditional, Topical, Contemporary, Industrial, Conceptual, and many Functional orientations, etc.

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One may get started from any perspective and find Developments will proceed through selected courses of interest. For personal appreciation --or through concentration of interest in one or two courses through which to demonstrate expertise --all forms of development require the investment of time and interest.

The focus here is on 'Design.'

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Developments may in this way proceed through an appreciation of the arts and art works on a very general level . . . . or . . . . through engagement in materials, processes and methods . . . . through work with visual relationships . . . . . through consideration of aesthetic theory and practice . . . . through an interpretation of a specific discipline . . . . through reference to tradition . . . . . through a review of history or attention to cultural norms or through the development of specific topics, events, or issues . . . .

R  E  F  E  R  E  N  C  E  S 
4 Design 1. to prepare the preliminary sketch or the plans for (a work to be executed), esp. to plan the form and structure of: to design a new bridge. 2. to plan and fashion artistically or skillfully. 3. to intend for a definite purpose: a scholarship designed for medical students. 4. to form or conceive in the mind; contrive; plan. 5. to assign in thought or intention; purpose. 6. Archaic. to mark out, as by a sign; indicate. -v.i. 7. to make drawings, preliminary sketches, or plans. 8. to plan and fashion the form and structure of an object, work of art, decorative scheme, etc., -n. 9. an outline, sketch, or plan, as of the form and structure of a work of art. 10. the organization or structure of formal elements in a work or art; composition. 11. the pattern or motif of an artistic work. 12. the art of designing. 13. a plan or project. 14. a plot or intrigue. 15. intention; purpose; end. [ME design(en) < L désign(áre) (to) mark out] -Syn. 4. devise, project. 9. drawing, blueprint. 13. See plan [PLAN, PROJECT, DESIGN, SCHEME imply a formulated method of doing something.... 15. intent, aim, object. [Urdang, Laurence, ed. Random House Dictionary of The English Language. New York: Random House, 1968.]



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