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Arnett, Willard E. Santayana and the Sense of Beauty. Gloucester, MA: Peter Smith. 1969.

And the Sense of Beauty

George Santayana died September 26, 1952. Perhaps more than any other first class mind in recent years, he was concerned throughout a long life with moral philosophy, with the values, traditional and contemporary, that have added most to the meaningfulness of man's life and history. Indeed, his entire philosophy, in the form of poetry, dialogues, essays, and a novel, was centered on the problems involved in working out a way of life based on reason and culminating in happiness and creativity. This philosophy includes values from science, art, religion, and political institutions in a synthesis that is remarkable, during an age of specialization, for its width of interest and sympathy. To Santayana different systems of science, different forms of art, religion, and social organization, were the different forms taken by man's effort to live wisely and well, that is, in harmony with himself and his environment, while giving expression to himself and his various interests. Each, when legitimately pursued, makes some contribution to the security and richness of man's existence, and adds to his ability to live a full and satisfying life . . . . [p. vii]

[Arnett, Willard E. Santayana and the Sense of Beauty. Gloucester, MA: Peter Smith. 1969.]



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