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A way before . . . . Progress, Improve . . . . Bring or send forward . . . . Present for consideration, as an opinion . . . . Further the development or prospects of . . . . Attempts at forming an acquaintance, reaching an agreement, etc. . . . Adduce, Propound, Offer, Forward, Promote, Quicken, Hasten, Speed up, Loan . . . . Overture, Proposal . . . . Promote, Raise, Increase, Accelerate, Furnish, Supply. . . . Increase in price, value, quantity, etc . . . . Forward Movement, esp. toward an objective

R  E  F  E  R  E  N  C  E  S 
Advance 1. to bring or send forward. 2. to present for consideration, as an opinion. 3. to further the development or prospects of. 4. to promote, as to a higher rank. 5. to increase [a rate or figure]. 6. to accelerate. 7. to furnish or supply [money or goods] on credit. 8. Archaic. to raise [a banner, flag, etc.] -v.i. 9. to come or go forward. 10. to make progress or show improvement. 11. to increase in price, value, quantity, etc. -n. 12. a forward movement. 13. a noticeable progress or improvement. 14. a promotion, as in rank or status. 15. Usually, advances. a. attempts at forming an acquaintance, reaching an agreement, etc. made by one party. b. actions or words intended to be sexually inviting. 16. an increase in a rate or figure. 17. Com. a. sum of money or quantity of good furnished on credit. b. the act or furnishing this sum or quantity. c. the total number of sales, as of tickets to a play or of an item of merchandise...... [ME avaunce(n) < OF avanc(i)e(r) < VL *avanteár = LL abante away before.....] -Syn. 2. adduce, propound; offer. 3. forward, promote. 6. quicken, hasten, speed up. 7. loan. 9. advance, proceed imply movement forward. Advance applies to forward movement, esp. toward an objective: to advance to a platform. Proceed emphasizes movement, as from one place to another, and often implies continuing after a halt: to proceed on oneÍs journey. 15. overture, proposal. -Ant. 1, 2, 9. withdraw. 9. retreat. 11. decrease.

[Urdang, Laurence, ed. Random House Dictionary of The English Language. New York: Random House,1968.]



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