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Re-used or Taken for a Specific Purpose . . . . Suitable, Fitting, Apt, Proper, Pertinent . . . . . Borrowed . . . . Assimilated . . . . Allocated, Assigned . . . . Take possession . . . . Ownership . . . . Propi(us) one's own

Appropriation: - In relationship to the spread of knowledge or the assimilation of concepts into a governing framework (soociology) - In reference to the re-use and proliferation of different types of music or the use of borrowed elements in the creation of a new work (art) - The origination of human ownership of previously unowned natural resources such as land (economics) - As a component of government spending (law) - Borrowing, or theft, of an element of cultural expression of one group by another (cultural appropriation) - The Tort of appropriation is one form of invasion of privacy. - [From 'Wikipedia']

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