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MATERIALS & METHODS - Paper - Works on Paper

Pinprick Pictures - Newspaper Modeling - Papier-Mâché - Papier Collé

Collage, Assemblage, Construction --- Assimilation, Collaboration, Appropriation

[From: The Paper Book & The 3-D Paper Book, Fun Things to Make and Do With Paper, by Hannah Tofts. Written and Edited by Diane James, Photography by Jon Barnes, Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers, 1989.]

Paper Activities

Old Wrapping paper [decorated or plain] - Wall paper - Brown paper Bags - Insides of Envelopes - Corrugated and regular Cardboard - Stamps - Postcards - Cereal boxes - Candy Wrappers - Newspapers - Tissue paper - Aluminum foil - Wax paper - Straws - Egg cartons - Cartons and Tubes [mailing tubes, paper towel and toilet paper tubes] - Shopping bags

Triangle for corners

Candles for wax resist

Sponges, leaves, potatoes and other forms for use in printing impressions or stencilling

Hole punch

Toothpicks for armature [flower stems among other things] or for scoring

Ruler for straight lines

String, threads and ribbons [also for lines, templets, stencilling]

Glue [and a Paste Recipe included here]

Oaktag or cardboard applicators

Newspapers [to use or work on]


Paper bags

Paper fasteners


Scotch tape


Straws as applicators for spattering and decorating paper

Folds - Accordian folds - fanning

Paint & Decorate your own paper sheets. Cover a sheet of durable paper with colored [tempera] Elmers or paste paint. Decorate with patterns or designs [lines and shapes, zig zag and squares and twirls] done with cardboard scrapers.

Texture - Crumpled paper for texture

Constructions - Different sheets glued together to strengthen them for use in construction, etc.

Armatures - Paper folded into armatures for structural supports

Designs & PatternsGlue two or more colored pieces and tear or puncture to develop designs and patterns

Paper beads - double thick spin from wide end of triangle

Paper curls - wind round pencil, etc.

Strings & Ropes - Twirling into strings or ropes - tying

Weaving strips

Printing. Use colored [tempera] Elmers or paste paint for printing: Use kinds of Sponges, natural or man-made objects, wax and paint [resist], crumpled paper impressions, flick spattering with brush or straws. Paint a sheet and crumple it up. Paint and fold impressions, too.

Weaving. Slit and slot. Fold a sheet in half. Make slits top to bottom. Or side to side. Then weave strips through the slots.

Designs and Patterns. Cut slit zig zag flaps or expanding circle or triangle or square slit flaps in white paper backed by a sheet of colored paper or vice versa. In same way pull out taps and twirl round a pencil. Designs and patterns. Rhythm. Repetition. Getting larger/growth or smaller/disappearing. Continue activity employing scoring and folding. Gently push the shapes up or down and away from the fold.

Alphabets [for graphics or calligraphy]. Icons. Logos.

Frieze or collage. Louise Nevelson. Space station. Afternoon Tea. Cut fold, slit and insert animals and birds, fruit and vegetables, flowers, etc. Paper fasteners for moving parts, etc.

Stand-ups. Paper board or cardboard. Make double slits, cutting twice, so that pieces slot together neatly with strength and durability--the slotted bottom of one fitting the slotted top of another piece--tree, house, animal... Slots should be slightly more than half the size of the shape.

Cards. Cut/design a folded sheet of colored paper into repetitions of line or shape--and glue/include cut-outs. Can do the same thing with several pieces of colored paper glued together and cut or tear or punch. Card. Glue two colors of paper together, fold, and cut out a large letter. Then, punch a hole in the cut out and thread a cord and include--two letters.

Pop-up cards using taps.

Shoe box theater. Curtain and 5 or 6 backdrops--what will show? Plus - slit in side for insertion of tabbed character or car or animal or bird, etc.

Gift tags - shapes paper punch holes and circles

Loops. Ribbons. Mobiles.

Snazzy Designer Shopping Bag with strips or ribbons--printed or slit.

Jewelry. Triangle twirled earrings, accordion triangles or mid tie flaring, squares with twirls, fine weaving, beads, etc.

Colorful printed or slit Paper Mâché bowls - ball or bowl forms. Free form or natural shape forms. Cups and trays.

Fish bowl top with fine strings to suspend cut paper, slit and punched exotic fish...

Other Environments. Twirls of paper strips for plants, torn shapes for fuzz of water current, etc... Pleated, twirled, rolled, flowers . . . .

Science and Inventions

Figures, animals, places, stories . . . .

1. Measure out a cup of flour and three cups of water.

2. In a saucepan, mix a little of the water with the flour to make a smooth paste.

3. Add the rest of the water and heat the mixture until it boils--stirring all the time.

4. Turn the heat down-simmer until the paste thickens.

5. Leave the mixture until it is cold.

[Chilvers, Ian, Harold Osborne, and Dennis Farr, eds. Oxford Dictionary Of Art. Oxford, New York: Oxford University Press, 1988.]



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