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Paper - For Casein

Like the other traditional water-thinned paints, casein colors should be used on rigid supports, such as panels of wood, Presdwood, or rag cardboard, or on flexible supports, such as rag paper or linen, that have been mounted on a rigid backing. If the paint is used in thin layers, unmounted heavy paper will be satisfactory, but heavier paint films will crack on a flexible support.

The mounted paper or cardboard requires no ground. Glue gesso or casein gesso is used as a ground on the other supports. In an emergency zinc white, ground in casein for use as a color will serve instead of the usual gesso ground to coat a surface. No imprimatura is necessary to reduce the absorbency of the gesso. If a toned ground is desired, it can be obtained by a wash of casein color applied to the finished ground.

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