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Search the Web - Tools and Services

Most are familiar with the many opportunities to search online, and some listed here may be outdated.
The most popular that were available seem to have been:

Translators of words, Phrases and entire Web Pages in dozens of languages

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Wikipedia and Google






Northern Light


To Browse Topics or Categories:

Index of Resources for History

Wikipedia ("The biggest multilingual free-content encyclopedia on the Internet" - Search by name, title or topic)

New York Times Newsroom Navigator

New York Times Blogs 101

Voice of the Shuttle - "Web Page for Humanities Research"

H-Net [A directory of Humanities & Social Sciences OnLine the work of Michigan State Univ. and Nat. Endowment for the Humanities]

To Learn about the WWW:

ABOUT THE WEB: Explore the Global Information Infrastructure [San Diego Supercomputer Center] This site provides an overview of the web and how to explore it.

Learn the Net [This site provides guides, information , and "How To" related to all aspects of the web, including: a glossary, all about email, web design, conferencing, multimedia, etc.]



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