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Conditions or stipulations limiting what is proposed to be granted or done . . . . Designation, Condition, Stipulation, Limitation, Footing . . . . Standing in relations . . . . To reach an agreement, To force to agree, To bring into submission . . . . To name, call, designate.

R  E  F  E  R  E  N  C  E  S 
Term n. 1. a word or group of words designating something, esp. in a particular field, as atom in physics, quietism in theology. 2. any word or group of words considered as a member of a construction or utterance. 3. the time or period through which something lasts. 4. a period of time to which limits have been set; elected for a term of four years. 5. one of two or more divisions of a school year, during which instruction is regularly provided. 6. an appointed or set time or date, as for the payment of rent, interest, wages, etc. 7. terms, a. conditions with regard to payment, price, charge, rates, wages, etc. b. conditions or stipulations limiting what is proposed to be granted or done: the terms of a treaty. c. footing or standing; relations: on good terms with someone. 8. Algebra, Arith. each of the members of which an expression, a series of quantities, or the like, is composed, as one of two or more parts of an algebraic expression. 9. Logic. a. the subject or predicate of a categorical proposition. b. the word or expression denoting the subject or predicate of a categorical proposition. 10. Law. a. the period of time for which an estate is enjoyed. b. the period during which a court holds its session. 11. termination of pregnancy; parturition. 12. limit. 13. bring to terms, to force to agree to stated demands or conditions; bring into submission. 14. come to terms, to reach an agreement. -v.t. 14. to apply a particular term or name to; name; call; designate. [-ME Gk témón limit] [Urdang, Laurence, ed. Random House Dictionary of The English Language. New York: Random House, 1968.]



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