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A Time characterized by a particular circumstance or feature . . . .A Suitable or Natural Time or Occasion . . . . An Idefinite Period of time: While . . . . A Period of the Year characterized by or associated with a particular activity or phenomenon . . . .One of the Four Quarters into which the year is commonly divided . . . . Schedule . . . . To give a Distinctive Quality, Ripen, Temper . . . . Of, Relating to, or varying in occurrrence in accordance with [the season] . . . .Suitable to the circumstance . . . . In good or Proper Time, Opportune . . . .

R  E  F  E  R  E  N  C  E  S 
Season n [ME, fr. MF saison, fr. OF, fr. L sation-, satio action of sowing, fr. serere to sow -more at sow] [14c] 1a: a time characterized by a particular circumstance or feature [in a __ of religious awakening -F.A. Christie] b: a suitable or natural time or occasion [when my __ comes to sit on David's throne -John Milton] c: an indefinite period of time: While [sent home again to her father for a __ -Francis Hackett] 2a: a period of the year characterized by or associated with a particular activity or phenomenon [hay fever __]; as [1]: a period associated with some phase or activity of agriculture [as growth or harvesting] [2]: a period in which an animal engages in some activity [as migrating or mating]; also: Estrus, Heat [3]: the period normally characterized by a particular kind of weather [a long rainy __] [4]: a period marked by a special activity esp. in some field [the theatrical __] [tourist __] [5]: a period in which a place is most frequented b: one of the four quarters into which the year is commonly divided c: the time of a major holiday 3: Year [a boy of seven __s] 4 [ME sesoun, fr. sesounen to season]: Seasoning 5: the schedule of official games played or to be played by a sports team during a playing season [try to get through the __ undefeated] 6: Off Season [closed for the __] -in season 1: at the right time 2: at the stage of greatest fitness [as for eating] [peaches are in season] 3: legally available to be hunted or caught -out of season: not in season

2 Season vb [ME sesounen, fr. MF assaisoner to ripen, season, fr. OF, fr. a- (fr. L ad-) + saison season] vt [14c] 1a: to give (food) more flavor or zest by adding seasoning or savory ingredients b: to give a distinctive quality to as if by seasoning; esp: to make more aggreeable [advice __ed with wit] c archaic: to qualify by admixture: Temper 2a: to treat [as wood or a skillet] so as to prepare for use b: to make fit by experience [a __ed veteran] -vi: to become seasoned

Seasonable adj [14c] 1: suitable to the season or circumstances: Timely [a __ frost] 2: occuring in good or proper time: Opportune [a __ time for discussion]

Seasonal adj [1838] 1: of, relating to, or varying in occurrence according to the season [__ storms] [__ fruits] 2: affected or caused by seasonal need or availability [__ unemployment] [__ industries]

Seasoning n [1580]: something that serves to season; esp: an ingredient [as a condiment, spice, or herb] added to food primariy for the savor that it imparts

[Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 10th Edition. Springfield, MA, USA: Merriam-Webster, Inc. 1995.]



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