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Accommodation, Niche, Moment, Relative Position . . . . Locality, Area, Building . . . . Surroundings, Environment, Expanse, Region, Center, . . . . Open Space . . . . 3-D compass of a material object . . . . Part, Step, Spot . . . .

Of Idea, Area, Object, Body, Scale, Series, Pattern . . . .To Put, Present, Direct, Cause, Assign, Rank, Estimate, Identify, Distribute, Arrange, Find, Try, Establish, Earn

R  E  F  E  R  E  N  C  E  S 
Place n. [ME, fr. OF, open space, fr. L platea broad street, fr. Gk plateia [hodos], fr. fem. of platys broad, flat; akin to Skt prthu broad, L planta sole of the foot] [13c] 1a: physical environment: Space b: a way for admission or transit c: physical surroundings: Atmosphere 2a: an indefinite region or expanse [all over the __] b: a building or locality used for a special purpose {a __ of learning] [a fine eating __] c archaic: the three-dimensional compass of a material object 3a: a particular region, center of population, or location [a nice __ to visit] b: a building, part of a building, or area occupied as a home [our summer __] 4: a particular part of a surface or body: Spot 5: relative position in a scale or series: as a: position in a social scale [kept them in their __] b: a step in a sequence [in the first __, itÍs none of your business] c: a position at the conclusion of a competition [finished in last __] 6a: a proper or designated niche [the __ of education in society] b: an appropriate moment or point [This is not the __ to discuss compensation -Robert Moses] 7a: an available seat or accommodation [needs a __ to stay] b: an empty or vacated position [new ones will take their __ ] 8: the position of a figure in relation to others of a row or series: esp: the position of a digit within a numeral 9a: remunerative employment: Job b: prestige accorded to one of high rank: Status [an endless quest for preferment and __ -Time] 10: a public square: Plaza 11: a small street or court 12: second place at the finish [as of a horse race] - in place 1: in an original or proper position 2: in the same spot without forward or backward movement [run in place]

2 Place vb placed; placing vt [15c] 1 a: to put in or as if in a particular place or position: Set b: to present for consideration [a question placed before the group] c: to put in a particular state [ __ a performer under contract] d: to direct to a desired spot e: to cause (the voice) to produce free and well resonated singing or speaking tones 2a: to assign to a position in a series of category: Rank b: Estimate [placed the value of the estate too high] c: to identify by connecting with an associated context [couldn't quite __ her face] [police placed them at the crime scene] 3: to distribute in an orderly manner: Arrange 4: to appoint to a position 5: to find a place [as a home or employment] for 6a: to give [an order] to a supplier b: to give an order for [ __ a bet] c: to try to establish a connection for [ __ a telephone call] -vi: to earn a given spot in a competition; specif: to come in second [as in a horse race] -placeable . . . .

[Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 10th Edition. Springfield, MA, USA: Merriam-Webster, Inc. 1995.]



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