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Enfático, Marcato Sforzando

May be distinquished in terms of emphasis, strength, force, insistence - clearly, boldly, strongly, forcibly, positive, decided, unequivocal, definite.

May be considered in terms of Indication, Clarity, Prominence, Stress, Importance, Significance, Intensity, Force [as it is applied to Form, or Outline - given or attached].

R  E  F  E  R  E  N  C  E  S 
Enfático: Emphatical; with earnestness Elson, Louis C. Professor of Theory of Music at the New England Conservatory of Music. Elson's Music Dictionary. Boston: Oliver Ditson Co. MCMV.] .

1 Emphatic 1. uttered, or to be uttered, with emphasis; strongly expressive. 2. using emphasis in speach or action. 3. forceful; insistent. 4. forcibly significant; strongly marked; striking. 5. clearly or boldly outlined. [< GK emphatik(os) indicative, forceful = *emphat(os) (em- EM-2 + phatós, var. of phantós visible = phan- s. of phaínesthai to appear + -tos adj. sufix) + -ikos -IC] -Syn. positive, decided, unequivocal, definite. -Ant. 3. weak.

Emphasis [< L < GK: indication] 1. stress laid upon, or importance or significance attached to, anything: The president's statement gave emphasis to the crisis. 2. something that is given stress or importance: Morality was the emphasis of his speech. 3. Rhet. stress laid on particular words by means of position, repetition, voice, etc. 4. intensity or force of expression, action etc.: Determination lent emphasis to his proposals. 5. prominence, as of form or outline: The background detracts from the emphasis of the figure.

[Urdang, Laurence, ed. Random House Dictionary of The English Language. New York: Random House, 1968.]



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