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Allégro / Brisk

Brisk . . . . Quick, lively; a rapid, vivacious movement, the opposite to the pathetic, but it is frequently modified by the addition of other words that change its expression, such as:

Allégro agitato.
Quick, with anxiety and agitation.

Allégro appassionato.
Passionately quick.

Allégro assai.
Very quick.

Allégro brillante.
Requiring a brilliant style of execution.

Allégro cómodo.
With a convenient degree of quickness.

Allégro con brío.
Quick, with brilliancy.

Allégro con fuóco.
Quick, with fire and animation.

Allégro con moto.
Quick, with more than the usual degree of movement.

Allégro con spirito.
Quick, with much spirit.

Allégro di bravúra.
Quick, with brilliant and spirited execution.

Allégro di molto.
Exceedingly quick and animated.

Allégro furioso.
Quick, with fury and impetuosity.

Allégro giústo.
Quick, with exactness; in steady and precise time. An Allegro Moderato.

Allégro ma grazioso.
Quick, but gracefully.

Allégro ma non présto.
Quick, but not so fast as Presto.

Allégro ma non tánto.
Quick, but not too fast.

Allégro ma non tróppo.
Quick and lively, but not too fast.

Allégro moderáto.
Moderately quick.

Allégro mólto.
Very quick and animated.

Allégro non molto.
Not very fast.

Allégro non tánto.
Quick, but not too fast.

Allégro non tróppo.
Not too fast.

Allégro risolúto.
Quick, with vigor and decision.

Allégro velóce.
Quick, with velocity.

Allégro viváce.
WIth vivacity, very rapidly.

Allégro vívo.
With life and rapidity.

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[Elson, Louis C. Professor of Theory of Music at the New England Conservatory of Music. Elson's Music Dictionary. Boston: Oliver Ditson Co. MCMV.]



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