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Affettuoso / Affectionately

With Liking, Amity . . . . Fondness, Devotion, Tenderness, Love . . . . Quality or State of being - Strongly disposed or inclined . . . . A bent or disposition of mind . . . . Emotion, Sentiment . . . . A contingent, alterable, and accidental state or quality of being . . . . Affected or affecting

R  E  F  E  R  E  N  C  E  S 
Affectionately adj. 1. showing or characterized by affection or tenderness. 2. having great affection or love. 3. Obs. strongly disposed or inclined. -Syn. 1. loving. 2. devoted.

Afftection n. 1. fondness for or devotion to a person or thing. 2. Often, affections. a. emotioon; sentiment. b. love. c. the emotional realm of one's love: a place in someone's affections. 3. Pathol. a disease or diseased condition. 4. the act of affecting. 5. the state of being affected. 6. Philos. a contingent, alterable, and accidental state or quality of being. 7. the affective aspect of a mental process. 8. a bent or disposition of mind. [ME < L affectiõn- (s. of affectiõ) disposition or state of mind or body. ] -Syn. 1. liking, amity, fondness. See love.

1 Affect 1. to produce an effect or change in 2. to impress the mind or move the feelings of. 3. [of pain, disease, etc.] to attack or lay hold of -n. 4. Psychol. feeling or emotion. 5. Obs. a person's inward disposition. [< L affect(us) acted upon, subjected to [ptp. of afficere] = af- AF- + fec- (var. s. of facere to make, do _ -tus ptp. suffix] -Syn. 1. influence 2. touch, stir

2 Affect vt. 1. to give a false appearance of; feign. 2. to assume pretentiously: to affect a Boston accent. 3. to use habitually or naturally. 5. [of animals and plants] to live in or on. 6. Archaic. to have affection for; fancy. 7. Archaic. to aim at; aspire to. -v.i. 8. Obs. to incline, tend (usually fol. by to). [late ME < L affect(ãre) (to) strive after, feign (freq. of afficere to do to) = af- AF- + fec- (see Affect1) + -t- freq. suffix] -Syn. 1. See pretend.

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