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Wind-blown . . . . Pertaining to Aeolus, or the winds in general. . . . of or caused by the wind (Aeolus - Classical Mythology - The ruler of the winds and the eponymous founder of the Aeolian nations.)

R  E  F  E  R  E  N  C  E  S 
Aeolic 1. a group of related Greek dialects of ancient Aeolis, Thessaly, Lesbos, Boeotia, and other regions accupied by the Aeolians. -adj. 2. Aeolian [def. 1] Also, Eolic.

Aeolian. adj. 1. also, Aeolic, belonging to a branch of the Greek people named after Aeolus. -n. 2. a member of one of the four main divisions of the prehistoric Greeks. Cf. Achaean [def. 5], Dorian [def. 2], Iionian [def. 3]. 3. Aeolic [def. 1]. Also, Eolian.

Aeolian. 1. pertaining to Aeolus, or the winds in general. 2. (usually I.c.) of or caused by the wind; wind -blown.)

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