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Prevailing effect in harmony of color and values . . . . Modification . . . . Modulation of quality or character . . . . Firmness, Tension, Strength, Stretch, Stress . . . . . . . Effect, Quality, Strength, Style, Distinction . . . .

R  E  F  E  R  E  N  C  E  S 
Tone [ME < Lton(us) < GK Tónos strain, tone, mode, lit., a stretching, akin to teínein to stretch]. 1. Any sound considered with reference to its quality, pitch, strength, source, etc.: shrill tones. 2. quality or character of sound. 3. vocal sound; the sound made by vibrating muscular bands in the larynx. 4. a particular expressive quality, way of sounding, modulation, or intonation of the voice. 5. an accent peculiar to a person, people, locality, etc., or a characteristic mode of sounding words in speech. 6. stress of voice on a syllable of a word. 7. Linguistics. any of the musical pitches or movements in pitch that are characteristic of a given language and that in certain languages serve to distinguish meaning. Cf. tone language. 8. Music. a. a musical sound of definite pitch, consisting of several relatively simple constituents called partial tones, the lowest of which is called the fundamental tone and the others harmonics or overtones. b. an interval equivalent to two semitones; a whole tone; a whole step. c. any of the nine melodies or tunes to which Gregorian plain song psalms are sung. 9. a tint or shade of a color. 10. a slight modification of a given color, as by the addition of annother. 11. Art, the prevailing effect of harmony of color and values. 12. Physiol. a. the normal state of tension or firmness of the organs or tissues of the body. b. the state of the body or of an organ in which all its functions are performed with healthy vigor. c. normal sensitivity to stimulation. 13. a normal, healthy mental condition. 14. a particular mental state or dispoistion. 15. a particular style or manner as of writing or speech; mood: the macabre tone of Poe's stories. 16. prevailing character of style, as of manners of morals: the liberal tone of the 1930's. 17. style, distinction, or elegance: That girl has real tone! -v.t. 18. to sound with a particular tone. 19. to give the proper tone to [a musical instrument]. 20. to modify the tone or general coloring of. 21. to give the desired tone to [a painting, drawing, etc.] 22. Photog. to change the color of [a print], esp. by chemical means. 23. to render as specified in tone or coloring. 24. to modify the tone or character of. 25. to give or restore physical or mental tone to. -v.i. 26. to take on particular tone; [a color]. b. to become or cause to become softened or moderated; The newspaper toned down its attack. 28. tone up, a. to give a higher or stronger tone to . b. to gain or cause to gain in tone or strength.
-Syn. 1. see sound1. . . . tone appliedto musical sound in terms of a certain quality, resonance, and pitch.] [Urdang, Laurence, ed. Random House Dictionary of The English Language. New York: Random House, 1968.]



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