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Laboratory Art

Land Art


Le Havre Group

Les Vingt [See Groupe des Vingt]

Light Art " "The attempt to use light as an artistic medium on its own account and as an instrument of major importance in the creation of total Environments was one of the dominating ideas in experimental art during the second half of the 20th century. It is discussed under Luminism, Lumia."[Osborne, Harold, editor. The Oxford C ompanion to Twentieth-Century Art. Oxford University Press. 1988.]



Li-Guo School

Liberal Arts

Lilwa Society


Line Engraving

Lingnan School

London Group


Literati Painting [wenrenhua] - "A term used to describe and distinguish paintings by scholars and scholar-officials from those by professional painters. Literati painters aimed for free expression of ideas, feelings, and emotions rather than accurate depiction of external phenomena. These scholar-amateurs, who thought paintings should reveal the artist's personality, character, or mood, often lacked rigorous training. They favored monochrome ink over color and used the same materials for painting and calligraphy. They painted spontaneously, at whim, mostly for themselves and their friends, although some literati painters discreetly sold or traded their works to support themselves."[Three Thousand Years of Chinese Painting. Yale University and Foreign Language Press. 1997]


Little Masters

London Group

Luchism [See Rayonism]

Luminism, Lumia

Lyrical Abstraction



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