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Kai - "Regular or model script. In this most formal of the modern scripts of Chinesee calligraphy, every stroke is written clearly and separately, and each character is organized within a square. Kai is the script usually used in printed books."[Three Thousand Years of Chinese Painting. Yale University and Foreign Language Press. 1997]

Kalt Kunst [See Cold Art]

Kinesticism [Kinetic Art]


Kitchen Sink School


Knave of Diamonds [Bubnovyi Valet]

Les Krims [See Photomontage]

Kukryniksy "A collective pseudonym of three Soviet artists who always worked in concert: Mikhail Kupriianov [1903 - ], Porfirii Krylov [1902 - ] and Nikolai Sokolov [1903 - ]. The collective was famous for its political and social caricatures in Pravda, Krokodil and many other newspapers and periodicals. In 1925 they began their work as a group; in 1929 they began to make joint contributions to exhibitoins; in 1933 they joined the permanent staff of Pravda. In the late 1930s and during the war they did many biting caricatures of Mussolini and Hitler. After the war they continued as political caricaturists and also gave particular attention to book illustration [1950 edition of Gorky's Mother and 1958 edition of Chekhov's Lady with a Dog ]. In 1965 they were lauareates of the Lenin Prize."[Osborne, Harold, editor. The Oxford C ompanion to Twentieth-Century Art. Oxford University Press. 1988.]



Kufic Script

Kui Hai Cooperative - 'Group of fourteen modern painters in Guangdong. The cooperative later became the Society for the Study of Chinese Painting."[Three Thousand Years of Chinese Painting. Yale University and Foreign Language Press. 1997]




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